How Energy Drinks Are: Bad For The Teeth?

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Energy drinks are bad for the teeth. They contain acid and sugar in high quantity which can harm the enamel and cause its erosion. The enamel is all minerals and its exposure to acidic drinks can harm it greatly. In fact, those who consume energy drinks a lot are at a great risk of teeth loss caused by weakened enamel. Even if you can’t urge the temptation to energy drinks, it’s always better to use straw to drink them and minimize the risks to enamel. So, cut back on the frequency of the drink and maintain the health of your teeth.

Here are reasons why energy drinks are bad for your teeth –

How Energy Drinks: Bad For The Teeth?

1. Energy drinks are highly acidic in nature

You should know that all energy and sports drinks are highly acidic in nature. Even health drinks are nothing less when it comes to containing acids. The acid present in these drinks can be as corrosive as those in the stomach or battery. With such intensity of acid, can you expect the enamel to bear its brunt and stay out intact? The only way to minimize the risks attached with this acid is by either reducing their intake or using a straw to limit their exposure to teeth. Both will keep enamel away from the acid risk.

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2. Low pH drinks are harmful

Not all acids are alike. And certainly not all are equally harmful for your teeth. you should avoid only those that has low pH which means these will be more acidic in nature. It’s always better to know the pH value of a drink before thinking of consuming them. Any drink with a pH of 7.0 is not going to harm at all, like water and milk. But when your teeth are poured in an acid whose pH is hovering between 2.0 to 1.0, it can them cause havoc on the teeth for sure. And yes, a lemon has a pH of 2.0.

3.  Sugar-rich drinks are more harmful

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The presence of sugar can make drinks even more harmful for your oral health. the presence of sugar can make the drinks more acidic in nature. This is what happens with fruit or energy drinks which often have a sweetening agent and flavour which helps lower the pH further to make it more acidic in nature. So, it’s always better to choose the drinks with care, check the sugar levels and then buy it to minimize dental risks greatly. 

4. Proper care can help minimize risks

Some people are more prone to tooth loss than others even if they consume energy drinks occasionally. Well, they must be knowing the secret to maintain a better oral health for sure. You too should drink a lot of water after drinking energy drinks to dilute the impact of the acid.  You can brush, floss and rinse properly to keep the harm of acid to teeth to a low level. It’s however always a good step to consult the dentist and know teeth braces price for better oral care.

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