10 Mistakes of women in skin care

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The skin is a natural protective barrier and the main transmitter of what happens inside our body. Not making these ‘mistakes’ will make you look healthier.

The skin, the largest organ of the human body, acts as a protective barrier that insulates the organism from everything: from contamination, from water, from germs, etc. (Also read Tips for skin care)

Your protection is key to the maintenance of body functions. A simple scrape can become a strong infection if parts of the body are exposed to the environment.

In addition to this, the skin is the main transmitter of our body. In other words, it is who communicates part of what happens inside us.

Stains, allergies, rash, dryness or excess of fat can be obvious signs that something is wrong inside the body. Therefore, just as people try to have a healthy diet, it is important to have beauty routines that take care of the skin from the inside and outside. (Also read A innovate in skin care)

The most important areas for women are still the neck and face, although more and more they care about other areas of the body.

“The most common treatments until some time ago were those of facial rejuvenation that included the whole face, but with the arrival of the new laser technology, of thermoradio frequency, the new polirevitalizantes and redensificantes opened the range of possibilities to rejuvenate other areas, Such areas as the neck and hands, areas such as the lower eyelid that previously only had surgery as a therapeutic possibility, currently have a solution with these new products and advanced technology, “Dr. Alejandro Rada Cassab, a cirjuano physician and owner, told Fucsia.co. Rada Cassab, clinic specialized in aesthetic medicine treatments.

According to Dr. Rada, these are the 10 sins of women in caring for their skin:

1. Do not remove makeup from the skin: For nothing in the world, even if you get tired from work or a party, first go through the dressing table and remove the makeup. Remove the products and the contamination that you can receive the skin throughout the day makes the cells can regenerate better.

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2. Do not use antioxidants: These natural substances or manufactured by man can prevent or delay some damage to the cells.

3. Do not use sunscreen: Manuela Espinal, beauty editor of the FUCSIA Magazine, says that this is a golden rule in skin care. You should NEVER leave your house without using a blocker with equal or higher protection FPS 50. Those below this figure are not full screen.

4. Too much tanning or toasting on the beach or pool: The sun can be an ally or the worst enemy of the skin. UV rays can be lethal for cell regeneration, according to Manuel Espinal.

5. Do not perform preventive treatments to rejuvenate the skin: Although you should always take care of the skin, after 30 years women should take into account preventive treatments for the appearance of wrinkles or spots.

6. Do not perform facial cleansing occasionally: Although it is not necessary to exceed in the peels, it is recommended to do deep cleanings with certain frequency. This will remove impurities and dead cells.

7. Waxing with wax instead of using laser hair removal: Wax does not help remove hair completely and makes it grow with a stronger follicle.

8. Food: Eat extremely fatty or hypercaloric foods.

9. Squeeze your face with your fingers and nails to remove pimples

10. Non-products: Use creams and cosmetic products without knowing if they are suitable for your skin type. It is important to know what type of skin you have to choose the product that suits it.

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