10 Things For Beginners To Carry On Hiking Or Trekking Trips To Naraan Kaghan

10 Things For Beginners To Carry On Hiking Or Trekking Trips To Naraan Kaghan
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For a hiker who is beginner, it is usual to make mistakes and forget some important things to carry on hiking or trekking trips Naraan Kaghan. There are some items which a hiker must carry for any hiking or trekking trips without fail. We are not used to living close to nature and are used to the availability of certain things at first hand in life. Therefore, it is very important to understand that when you are hiking a mountain, some obvious things may not around you when you stuck yourself in a tricky situation.

If you are starting your trekking or hiking trip at a novice level, the following list would certainly help you quickly overcome the sticky situation you come across on your group trip to northern areas.

Carry Water Bottle

When you are hiking, your body quickly dehydrates but in cool temperatures you don’t realize you are sweating. Hence, drinking water from bottle frequently will keep you hydrated during your group trip to Kashmir. Try to carry a bottle of water and refill it from the natural streams whenever you get a chance. It will not only keep you hydrated but will save these natural beauties from plastic garbage.

Carry Snacking Items

When you are hiking, you lose your energy much faster therefore, munching every now and then will keep your energy level at the optimum level. Try to carry a pack of such item which is a mix of some trails, dry fruits or nuts, and chocolates or energy bars.
The benefit of carrying such energy boosting stuff is that they take less space and easier to carry without too much food without worrying about spillovers.

Day Pack- Travel Organized

A good day pack will help you organize your things well on any group trip to Naran Kaghan. They provide easy access to all the items and keep them organized. Try to invest in a good day pack so that you can feel light and less sweaty.
It protects your items from rain and snow and also provides easy access to your items.

Hiking Boots Or Trekking Shoes

Having a good quality, comfortable and protective hiking boots or trekking shoes has far-reaching effects on your trip. The boots or shoes should be lightweight and waterproof providing good ankle protection and a firm grip on slippery surfaces.
The waterproof factor for hiking boots or trekking shoes should not be ignored while purchasing a pair of shoes or boots as it can prove to be an essential factor in the successful completion of your trek.

A Swiss Knife

It is a little piece of the handy multipurpose toolset. It could make your hiking or trekking trip successful.

A Flashlight

If it gets dark or you got late while coming back from the hike, a flashlight can prove to be a lifesaver. It helps you climb the pitch in the dark. It proves to be lifesaving in the time of stuck situations.

A Sanitizer

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You will keep using your hands on different spots during climbing or falling or looking for support during the hike or a trekking trip. These hand sanitizers will keep a check on germs to decrease the probability of getting sick while you are on your multi-day trek or you coming back from a day’s hike on a nearby trail.

Comfortable Trekking Pants or Trousers

Like a good pair of trekking shoes, one must own a comfortable, breathable and quick dry trouser. If you plan on snow trek, you can opt for trek pants which have the built-in facility to get required snow protection.
Quick dry pants prove to be very satisfying while crossing water streams. Also, a good pocketed trek pant helps you keep other things like eateries and Swiss knife, etc.

Get In the Shade by Using Hat or Cap

Whenever hiking or trekking is done in open, you should always protect yourself from the direct sunlight exposure of skin. Sometimes you may leave with the sunburn which can really be very bad at times and if you are a trekking or hiking expert then you must buy a cap or a hat which will help you in a long way on your hiking or trekking trip.

Sun Blocks or Sunscreens to Prevent Sunburns

You must protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight while traveling or trekking/hiking in places where the intensity of sun rays are impacting than normal cities. Some bad cases of sunburn have been observed which proved to be very painful for quite a long time.

Carry Trek or Hiking Map

To keep a copy of the map of our trekking trail or hiking route or in other words, you should be having a tour planner with you all the time. There are chances your cell phones do not work or run out of battery at some spots. You need to have a dedicated system with built-in trek trail map loaded in it but still, you should keep a hard copy of hiking route which may always prove to be a contingency plan in difficult times.

Carry First Aid Kit

In the end, it is necessary to have a basic medical kit with creams for burns, bruises, antiseptic lotions, and bandages, etc. for your group trip to Hunza valley.
We never know when this small medical first aid kits may help you or your friend hiker or trekker with minor health issues including burns or bruises.

Carry Hiking Pole

It is always useful to carry a hiking pole which can be very helpful and worth buying when trekking on snow. This gives you support, stability, some comfort, and support to your knees and legs on different types of terrains.
It is better to choose lightweight trekking poles or hiking poles which are easily adjustable and have some shock absorbing capacity.

Carry Compact Camera

This camera will help you in capturing moments of group tour or trip. You will enjoy sharing those mesmerizing moment with your family and friends.
Some items in the list above are also of personal preference but are very useful in fix situation.

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