11 Foods That Relieve Heartburn

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Almost everyone has experienced heartburn which feels like your chest is burning. It may be caused by certain foods such as chocolate, alcohol, caffeine or red wine. Acidic, fatty, fried, and spicy foods can also lead to heartburn. Other causes of heartburn include:

  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Taking anti-inflammatory painkillers
  • Being overweight

Fortunately, there are certain foods that may help you prevent or relieve heartburn.

1. Aloe Vera For Heartburn Relieve

Aloe Vera For Heartburn Relieve

Aloe vera is good for sunburned skin but it can also relieve heartburn. You can blend up aloe juice or smoothies at home or buy the pre-made stuff at most health food stores.

2. Fish and Seafood For Heartburn Relieve

Fish and Seafood For Heartburn Relieve

Lobster, fillet of sole, shrimp, and clams are considered heartburn-friendly seafood. You can cook it in almost any way, bake, saute or grill it. But the only thing you shouldn’t do is to fry it. As noted above, fried foods can trigger heartburn.

3. Bread For Heartburn Relieve

Bread For Heartburn Relieve

Bread is easy on the esophagus and doesn’t cause heartburn. You can choose whole-grain bread and be sure you won’t feel any discomfort and burning sensation.

4. Vegetables For Heartburn Relieve

Vegetables For Heartburn Relieve

Almost every vegetable is a super-food that can make us healthy and beautiful. But veggies are also beneficial against heartburn. Since they are low in sugar and fat, they will never trigger heartburn. You have a lot of options for cooking them but don’t forget that frying is not one of them.

5. Avocado For Heartburn Relieve

Avocado For Heartburn Relieve

Fats contained in avocado are less likely to trigger heartburn than fats found in french fries or bacon. Nuts, eggs, and seeds are also heartburn-friendly foods that contain healthy fats.

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6. Oatmeal For Heartburn Relieve

Oatmeal For Heartburn Relieve

If you’d ask your gastroenterologist “What to eat to relieve heartburn?”, one of the first things he/she would definitely say is “Oatmeal”. This porridge is a good product to relieve heartburn.

7. Banana For Heartburn Relieve

Banana For Heartburn Relieve

Bananas are an excellent option for those who suffer from heartburn. They are low in acid and therefore can relive your burning sensations. You can start your day with oatmeal with some sliced banana for breakfast.

8. Turkey and Chicken For Heartburn Relieve

Turkey and Chicken For Heartburn Relieve

Turkey and chicken are considered lean meats because they contain much less fat than beef or pork. That’s why they are a good choice for you and your stomach.

9. Parsley For Heartburn Relieve

Parsley For Heartburn Relieve

Parsley soothes the stomach and reduces inflammation. You can add it to your smoothies or salads or simply chew some leaves of parsley every time reflux appears.

10. Melon For Heartburn Relieve

Melon For Heartburn Relieve

Melons are also low-acid fruits that can help you combat heartburn. If you’re a fruit lover, eating cantaloupe or honeydew melons will be beneficial for you but keep in mind that oranges, lemons, and grapefruits will only aggravate your heartburn and irritate your stomach.

11. Ginger For Heartburn Relieve

Ginger For Heartburn Relieve

Ginger has been a traditional remedy in many countries for centuries. It’s a common folk treatment for nausea and upset stomach. Ginger also improves digestion and saliva flow. Moreover, some studies found that it can help with muscle and joint pain, headache, and rheumatoid arthritis.This magic spice is able to lower blood sugar, protect against dementia, prevent blood clotting, and reduce swelling. And of course, ginger can relieve your heartburn. But don’t overdo it, since it can lead to the opposite effect and even harm your sensitive stomach.

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