2021 Holiday Baking Trends

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Keen on finding out the top baking trends in 2021? Get ready to indulge yourself in clean looking, mouth-watering treats and enticing flavours. Keep on reading to find out more about bakery trends that are hitting the market.


Baking is focusing more on customer indulgence. Consumers who want a sweet treat go for baked goods and pastries. Consumers are shown to prefer bakery items if they are looking for something premium. In most of Europe, a large part of consumer indulgence finds its way through baked goods like cakes and pastries. So, bakeries these days are focusing more on making their products exotic by adding a plethora of textures, colours and unique flavours.


Consumers are driving the market more by preferring those products that simply look good. It seems that the presentation is in demand these days. Consumers have now submitted purely to their instincts and anything that is eye candy is the thing that will taste good. Bright colours with dark contrast can take a baked good from looking normal to Insta perfect. More than seventy per cent of the consumers are said to have been influenced by bright catchy pictures. 

Special Treats

Bakeries are driving in more customers by offering special and limited-time treats. They are incorporating those ingredients which the customers can best relate to. Ingredients that have a local and ethnic hue are seen more and more in baked goods. They are bringing out the excitement in the consumers with a blend of innovation and familiarity. Consumers who want to try out something new with familiar flavours are increasing in numbers.

Health and Wellness

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Consumers are driven more to the products which appeal to health and overall wellness. Products which mention healthy ingredients used in the baked goods tend to sell more. That is why bakeries are addressing consumers’ concerns for health and wellness. With simple yet self-explanatory labels, consumers tend to buy baked goods that have something for their health. This could be as simple as labelling a product as “dairy-free”, gluten-free etc.

Extra Goodness

The consumers are attracted to products that have something extra for them. Products which add value by adding extra or special ingredients like fruits, fibre, protein and whole grains are much more likely to be sold than those which don’t have any such label. Products like soft baked oats with honey glazed biscuits are an example. Most of the consumers are inclined to those ho that have healthy ingredients.

Responsible Brands

People expect brands to stay true to their values. Consumers now expect a brand to be socially and environmentally responsible. Thus they are likely to form a good opinion of brands that are likely to remove their waste responsibly and use green products to operate their business.


These are some of the newest trends in baking in 2021. They are helpful if you are planning to start a new baking business. If you want baking equipment, check out this Middleby Marshall conveyor oven.

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