3 Strategies to break into the high-end and luxury home market

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When it comes to representing the high end clients in the market of luxury real estate it is nowhere near the real estate agents that we can find next door. And apart from that one can make a decent living be in the real estate agent the former one can make you an enormous amount of money. That being said, there is always a risk factor involved that of the inventory going down or of the market that can come crashing down. This makes it very hard to sustain in the same capacity but if we are thinking about breaking into luxury real estate it is more or less insulated from this market swings and can allow us to really make a good amount of money. For instance, we can look at Sam Mizrahi, who is a real estate visionary and who is the founder of a Toronto-based real estate development company that specializes in catering to the luxury market. Today, much of Sam Mizrahi and his team’s focus is directed toward the development of The One Bloor, Toronto’s first super tall skyscraper.

Although very lucrative it is very challenging to get into this market because of the nature of the luxury real estate market. But when we are aiming for a sales-based position then the prospects of getting into the high-end real estate market can be good. All we need to do is understand the basics and deliver the service which is considered valuable. And if not sure, where to start from, here are some tips that will help you break into luxury real estate. Here are some practical tips:

Get Out There, and Mingle:

It is not easy as sitting at home and sending out emails, investing some money on ad space in social media by which we can break into the luxury real estate niche. If we are serious about taking a dive into this market then we need to move in the same plane as that of the high-end clients.

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To get there networking events can be one of the best things that can help us get going. These events are one of the most popular places where we can start by engaging with professionals of all stripes and background that comes from throughout the world.

Treat Clients Well:

When we are going to deal with our high-end clients it is very much natural that they expect us to treat them like the high-end client. Here we cannot approach them the same way we approach a newlywed couple who is out for buying a house for them. When we are dealing with someone who is looking forward to buy a property by spending millions, we need to pamper our clients. But the good news here is that we will be developing business this way. By which we can do this easily. Now when it comes to pampering them, we can do so by doing things such as booking private jet charters and taking our clients around quickly in an effective way showing them several properties over a large area in a very short time at once. Apart from this we can also arrange for them to wine and dine at luxury restaurants. As the key here is to show them that they are special.

Be OK With Co-Listing and Co-Marketing:

We must be willing to do co-listing and co-marketing property at times and do not shy away from it. As it is better to have half of a lot as having nothing at all. Meaning we can be better off in splitting the commission on sales of a $6 million property as compared to getting nothing at all. In addition to this is also a great way to expand our network and sustain in the market for time being. And lastly “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Truly said Chris Grosser senior sales consultant at Tesla. Chris Grosser is a very driven professional with a hugely entrepreneurial spirit.

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