4 Common Closet Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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When buyers search for their perfect home, one item many won’t budge on is closet space. Having a dedicated space to store your clothing and accessories is important to keeping you organized and looking your best.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the closet you have now, or you want to renovate the space before moving into a new home, taking the time to properly design your closet is crucial.

If you’re looking to upgrade your storage space, be sure to avoid these common closet design mistakes. 

1. Tiny Closets

Though many homeowners want a large, luxurious closet, in an effort to save space, they opt for a closet on the smaller side. A tiny closet can lead to clutter, items getting lost, and wasted space.

Ideally, when designing custom closets, you’ll want to give yourself enough space to properly store your clothing, with room to grow your wardrobe.

While it is possible to have an effective storage system for a small closet, it’s crucial to utilize all the space you can. Finding storage solutions, like layered hangers or shoe racks, can help create space.

2. Overestimating How Much Space You Need

On the opposite end of the mistake spectrum, many will overestimate how much space they actually need when implementing custom closet features. Instead, plan how much storage you’ll truly utilize. 

Designing a closet that is too large can leave you with “dead space.” Whether you have too much space above your system or you have too much space to fill, this can make your closet look and feel overwhelming.

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3. Permanent Fixtures

When many people design their closets, they build in custom closet features that are permanent. This makes it difficult to rearrange your clothing as you expand your wardrobe or want to try out a new, more practical system.

One of the best closet design ideas you can utilize is building adjustable features. Systems like those from https://closet-doctor.com/ can help you make adjustments to suit your storage needs.

4. Designing for Luxury

While having a beautiful shoe rack that displays your heels may look beautiful, it isn’t practical.  Your closet is a place that makes you excited to start your day, at the very core, it is storage space.

Ensuring that you’ve chosen features with functionality in mind will help you avoid running out of space. Don’t worry, as placing a plush rug or LED lighting can help you achieve that grandeur look

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Avoid These Closet Design Mistakes

While designing your dream closet can be fun, it’s vital to keep these tips in mind. Finding a reputable closet design company can help you make your dreams a reality.

Closet design mistakes can transform your ideal wardrobe into a space you despise. The last thing you want is to hate the space you’ve invested time and money into designing.

Did you find this guide on designing custom closets helpful? If so, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more great home improvement tips and tricks.

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