4 Things to Know About Living in Charleston

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Charleston in South Carolina is a charming, mid-sized city with around 140,000 residents. It’s the only 197th biggest city in the US! There’s plenty of room for you to consider moving and living in Charleston.

Charleston may not be the state capital but if you like beaches, historic streets, and cool architecture then you’re in luck. And it’s not like Charleston isn’t well-connected. Savannah, Georgia is only a two-hour drive to the south, and Wilmington, NC is only three and a half hours north.

But visiting a place and living offer two different experiences. You need to think about living in Charleston, SC pros and cons. Here are some things you should know before you make your decision.

1. Charleston Has 230 Days Of Sunshine

Charleston weather is something special. Most of the year Charleston boasts gorgeous sunshine even when it’s raining.

But as with many places by the sea in the south, with heat and rain comes humidity. If you can’t stand muggy weather, you might find living in Charleston tough.

Here are the average temperatures Charleston experiences every season to get a full picture:

  • Summer – 80 – 90°F
  • Fall – 50 – 80°F
  • Winter – 40 – 60°F
  • Spring – 50 – 80°F

Winters are mild, but the wind can pick up during the low seasons. That’s the payoff when you live by the sea!

2. House Prices Match The National Average

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It’s pretty unbelievable, but it’s true. The national average house price in the US, as of January 2021, is $269,037. South Carolina’s average is much lower, but the great city of Charleston’s average is almost identical at $269,400.

But because the real estate is cheaper than other comparable cities, apartments in Charleston, SC don’t stay available long. It will come as no surprise that the homes with local agents like Jeff Cook Real Estate are only on the market for around 27 days.

3. There Is So Much To See And Do Here

One of the main reasons you should consider living in Charleston, SC instead of only visiting for weekend breaks is because there’s so much to do!

Since the city dates back to 1670, there are so many historic houses in the French Quarter of Downtown Charleston you need to check out. There are also lots of national monuments, landscaped gardens, and markets too.

4. Love Seafood? You’ll Love Charleston

If you love seafood, you need to live by the Atlantic Ocean. Charleston’s wealth of seafood on offer includes oysters, crab soup, shrimp, and so much more. When you’re a Charleston, SC local, you should check out Bowens Island Restaurant, The Salty Dog, and COAST Bar and Grill.

Living In Charleston Offers All This And More

The cost of living in Charleston, SC might be a little higher than in other cities and there is always a risk of extreme weather. But the pros of living in Charleston far outweigh the cons. And now you have a better idea of what Charleston is like, you’ll no doubt want to move there and see for yourself!

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