4 Tips for Planning a Family Vacation 2021

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After being forced to stay inside for so long, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all earned a vacation. The problem is, things have changed quite a bit, and traveling is a different experience from what it once was. There are protocols in place, different rules in different states, and you need to make sure you’re keeping safe.

It can be daunting to plan a trip. But don’t let this stop you from making magical memories with your family and giving yourself the break you deserve. Use these travel tips to help you plan the ultimate family vacation 2021 style.

1. Choose Your Destination Carefully

For many, a family vacation this year will be the first one they’ve gone on in a while. This means that where you choose to go is even more important than usual. It should be a decision that includes the whole group.

Are you traveling out of state? Out of the country? Once you’ve set some parameters about what kind of trip it is, you can make a shortlist of dream destinations.

All things considered, it could be a good idea to opt for a resort vacation this year. For some inspiration that the family will love, check out this page on DVC info.

2. Research the Regulations in Your Chosen Destination

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, the next step will be to figure out what the COVID regulations are in that location. If you’re not traveling too far, it’s probably no different than at home.

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However, if you’re going to a different state or country, it’s worth researching what the rules there are. In some states, there are next to no regulations in place while in others the rules are quite strict. When you find out what’s what you’ll be able to properly prepare you and your family for every eventuality. 

3. Make a Packing Checklist

While it’s a good idea to pack in advance, this doesn’t always end up happening as we would hope. But if you do end up scrambling to fill a suitcase at 9 am on the day of your departure, you know what would come in handy? A packing checklist!

Creating a packing checklist (with the most important items at the top) will make sure that you don’t forget any vital items—no matter how much of a rush you do your packing in.

4. Take the Flexible Option Where Possible

Because COVID cases and rules are changing all the time, it’s possible you might have to cancel or postpone your trip. This is why it is a good idea to choose flexible tickets when booking if this is an option.

It’s also always a good idea to choose hotels or accommodation with a flexible cancellation policy. After all, you never know what might happen!

The Ultimate Family Vacation 2021

One more important tip? Have fun! A family vacation 2021 might not be exactly as it was before, but as long as you’ve got your family by your side and a smile on your face, it’s still going to be nothing short of magic.

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