4 Types of Trips You Will Experience in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia was not so famous for travel and tips. But times have changed now. By introducing the tourist visas, they have allowed tourists to visit Saudi Arabia on their own. Saudi Arabia is known for its huge deserts, dunes, and mountains. Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia has a lot more to offer than just sand. It has gorgeous green mountains, volcanos, and some amazing valleys. If you are planning to visit the Arabian land. Here’s a list of 4 types of experiences you can have in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget to look out for the fossil sites, ancient carvings, and the Muslim Arabs history to add more to your trip experience.

1. The Best Religious Experience

Finally, the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted off. Saudi Arabia has once again allowed pilgrims to visit the Holy Kaaba. After almost 8 months of lockdown and strict restrictions against the coronavirus. The Saudi government has now decided to lift the restrictions and allow international pilgrims for Umrah.

If you are looking to get some religious vibes and seek Allah’s blessings. Search for February Umrah packages 2021 and book one for you and your family.

2. The Edge of the World

The name sounds dramatic. Saudi Arabia is nowhere near the edge of the world. But this name is given to a peak originally known as “Jebel Fihrayn”. The peak has a huge wall-like cliff 300 meters in height. Standing over that makes you feel like standing over the Edge of the World.

Enjoy the spectacular views of sunset and sunrise from this beautiful cliff. You can camp here at night and experience the transition of day and night.

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3. The Almond Mountain

Do you want to see snow in the middle of the desert? It might sound ridiculous but is possible. Jebel Al-Lawz also is known as the Almond Mountain gets covered with snow during the winters. It is one of those experiences you would want to witness in the desert land. It was once home to Almond Trees which is why it is called the Almond mountain.

Jebel Al-Lawz is the highest mountain in Tabuk Province, with its peak resting at 2549 meters. It lies at the northern tip of the Red Sea which makes it exposed to low temperatures in the winters.

4. The Wa’abah Crater

Now, this is rare and equally surprising. Finding a crater in the heart of the desert is unimaginable. But here’s one in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the north of Riyadh-Makkah Highway. The crater was formed when erupted lava got mixed with underground water on its way up. The pressure increase in the boiling water caused an explosion that formed this crater that is expanded up to 2 kilometers in diameter.

Not only this, but the area is surrounded by palm trees which proves the presence of underground water to date. This is what makes the crater unique a must visiting place to experience the wonders of nature.

The list doesn’t end here as there is much more to experience in the Arabian Land. However, do not forget to experience the above-listed places on your next visit to Saudi Arabia.

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