4 Up-To-Date Ways to Embrace Minimalism in Everyday Life

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The term minimalism is often associated with interior design or fashion. However, it extends far beyond that. In fact, minimalism is a lifestyle. It is something you can implement into every aspect of your life, from finance to cooking.

In this brief guide, we help you embrace minimalism in everyday life.

Declutter your Space

As consumers, we often tend to impulsively buy products in bulk, even if we do not need them. Have you ever wondered where your money goes or how your purchasing habits impact the quality of your life?

No matter if you are struggling with a room that is too full to enter or a cupboard packed with items you will never need again, it is time to start cleaning. For starters, ask yourself what the messiest place in your home is. Start by decluttering it.

If you are hesitant about throwing a certain item out, ask yourself questions like: “Have I ever used it?” or “Did I even know that I had it?” If the answer is no, then your next step is obvious, right?

Insert Simplicity into your Clothing Habits

Do you spend too much time deciding what to wear for work, a casual lunch with friends, or a party? How often do you hear yourself saying that you have nothing to wear?

This is usually not true. Contrastingly, when you have too many clothes (many of which do not suit you anymore), you spend too much time getting dressed. If you keep old clothes in your closet out of guilt, it is time to declutter your messy wardrobe. Ditch every single piece of clothing that does not fit you anymore, that is outdated, or that simply does not match your lifestyle.

For example, you purchased this super-expensive tuxedo for a friend’s wedding a few years ago. It does not even fit you anymore. If it does not benefit you in any way and if you keep it just because you feel you should, maybe it is time to throw it away.

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The same goes for accessories. For instance, do you have a drawer packed with ties and socks you have never worn? Remove them and focus on the essentials – keep accessories that match the rest of your clothes and go along with your body proportions. Most importantly, focus on the practicality of your clothes and accessories. For example, in the digital age, you do not need a bulky bifold leather wallet anymore. Instead, pick minimalist wallets that easily fit into your pocket and that are more secure overall.

Keep your Virtual Surroundings Clutter-Free

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in front of our screens. Precisely because of that, it is essential to build a decluttered digital space. It contributes to your overall productivity throughout the day and increases your mental wellness.

Start by decluttering your smartphone. Comb through your apps to determine which ones you need or not. For example, if you installed a space-consuming photo-editing app and have never used it, it is time to remove it from your phone. As for the apps you need, sort them into folders by their purpose and relevance.

You should also choose a plain background that is pleasing to the eye. It will minimize eye strain, while not distracting you. The same decluttering tactic can be applied to your PC or any other piece of technology you use every day.

Rethink your Buying Behaviors

With the rise of ecommerce, you can buy whatever you want in one or two clicks. When navigating through search engines and social networks, we come across a bunch of hyper-personalized ads that address exactly what we need and want. Such content makes us believe that what we already have is insufficient or not good enough, resulting in compulsive buying. That is why you should stop for a second and ask yourself whether you really need the item you have added to your shopping cart. You do not have to create a strict list of items you can buy on a weekly or monthly basis. However, evaluate their relevance to you.

For example, for non-essentials, you may create a table in Google Sheets. Add the item you wish to buy on the list and set an expiration date, e.g. two weeks or one month. Once the deadline expires and you can still reason for the product, then buy it. If not, remove it from the list and forget about it.


Minimalism is not an obligation. It is your choice. However, it depends on multiple factors, such as the number of people you live with, your job, your financial situation, etc. That is why there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to apply. Instead, adjust the tips mentioned above to your lifestyle. We hope this helps!

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