5 Best Houseplants For Your New Home

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A new home is also a mark of a new chapter in your life. It is always nice to welcome your new home with a new beginning, leaving bad memories behind and prepare yourself and enjoy the new memories as they come in your new home.

A new home however big or small it may be will be really valuable to homeowners. It is something that is theirs, they are the one to decide what they can do with, they do not have to ask permission from the landlord simply because it is theirs to keep.

From mentioning that new homeowners can do whatever they want with their new home, I meant that there is no limitation to it, as long as it is doable and that it is within the budget, they can choose whatever design they want for their home, they can style it however they want to and believe you me, there will always be small space in the room where you can’t figure out what to do with it. The space can be too small for a cabinet or bookshelf or it is too big or blank to just be putting pictures or it can be that you have run out of things to put to, the best thing to do with it just simply goes with plants.

Plants are one of the best accessories for your home. You can put them anywhere you want and they will make themselves belong to the place. Some plants actually do this very well for they can be the center of attraction in that specific area where they are at. There are a lot of plants that you can keep inside your home and it’s always nice to have some quiet time with just you and your plants. Since you are a new homeowner and upon mentioning that there are a lot of plants out there that you can definitely keep in your home, here are just some of the recommended plants that will definitely be a great addition to your new home and why you should keep them.

Snake Plants

When moving into a new home, the last thing that you want is to have a bad day, and that includes having a plant die on you. Luckily. The snake plant is one of those plants that is able to adapt to their surroundings. They work with any kind of light condition plus they don’t need water all the time. They are slow growers, which means you don’t need to feed them frequently with fertilizer. Aside from this, they also work as great air purifiers for your home which can really help you clear out the air pollutants in your new home.

Aloe Vera

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The Aloe Vera is another great plant to keep in your home not just because of its looks but also for its many uses. This is another plant that is very forgiving and is not sensitive when it comes to care, they can adjust well when they are cared for by busy people, I know that moving can be a little bit stressful and clearing up your home can be time consuming which is why this is the plant for you.

Chinese Money Plant

These plants are just wonderful to look at and will really liven up the place in your home. Its green, round shaped-leaves with long stems will really do the job and can definitely catch the attention of your home visitors. This fun plant is also quite easy to take care of so there should be little worry about the amount of care needed. Another fun fact about this plant which will definitely make you want to keep one in your home is that these plants are also considered as lucky and known to bring luck in their owner’s home. Its round shaped leaves are shaped like a coin that makes it a great symbolism as it can also attract wealth and fortune.

Fiddle leaf fig

The Fiddle leaf fig is one of the most wanted plants by plant lovers out there. Not only is this plant awesome to take care of but it is also great to have around the house. This plant was the plant to have years ago and is still considered as one of the most demanded plants for plant lovers, most likely because of its large and beautiful leaves. This also works well with most home designs and wherever you place them, it will surely make the area come to life.


This is one of the plants that is another must have and I can assure you that you can never go wrong with it. These plants are very low maintenance, very easy to take care of, can be placed in hanging pots, on the floor, on the wall, it purifies the air and, it is also known as money plant as well because of its almost round shaped leaves resemble coins which means that this plant can also bring wealth and fortune to the new homes of their owners.

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