5 Best Smelling Candles You Can Blow on Upcoming Purim

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Scented candles are perfect for every occasion, they are an immediate mood-lifter, and they obviously smell incredible. The best part about scented candles is you can choose your favorite scent and candle style from a wide variety of options. The options are unlimited, from credible scented candle brands like Bath & Body Works and Otherland to endless scents ranging from spiced pumpkin and cinnamon. The possibilities are infinite!

Buying the perfect scented candle for your occasion might be a bit challenging for you because they smell pretty much close to AMAZING. However, we recommend that you think out of the box for this year’s occasions and buy something a bit different from the usual hand-carved Christmas candles or white vanilla ones. Here are our top picks on the best scented candles that may work for the upcoming Purim.

Library Scented Candle By Flypaper Products

Why not opt for something out of the ordinary? A library scent can be therapeutic, especially for all those book lovers out there. Not to mention it is a nostalgic scent that takes you back to your childhood, giving you memories of you reading your favorite books at the library. This candle contains a hint of lavender encapsulated in a glorious eucalyptus scent. It smells like a freshly opened, crisp novel.

Oatmeal Milk + Honey Scented Candle By Potoandberrco

Just by the name of it, we bet you are already swooning. Not only does this candle look adorable and delicious it also smells divine. The best way to describe this scent would be a natural sweetness gently blanketing an earthy grain, creating the ultimate soy hand-poured, rustic yet versatile candle. Honey, vanilla, and almond are the unique scents with this candle.

White Barn Scented Candle By Bath & Body Works

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A three-wick candle can burn for up to 45 hours and can surround an entire room. The mahogany teakwood candles possess hints of geranium, lavender combined with a rustic woodsy aroma, ideal for the ‘white barn’ vibe.

Focused And Fabulous Candle By Dorothybco

Are you hosting a party for the occasion? Handling everything on your own can be challenging, and sometimes apart from a scented candle, to finish off the preparations, you need a reminder of how ‘fabulous’ you are. This is a 100% vegan soy candle, meticulously hand-poured with different quotes on the jar. This edition comes in 10 other scents, with the quote-jar being reusable after the candle is finished. 

Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit Scented Candle By Bath & Body Works

Why not bring the tropical island vibe to your home with this glamorous candle that is heavily scented with passionfruit and light notes of pineapple and kiwi. This candle is sure to be a game-changer for your event. Nothing smells more like summer in a jar than this beautifully packaged candle.

With so many newer editions of scented candles, these are our top picks for 2021! Try out any of the above, and we bet you won’t be disappointed with these deliciously-smelling and perfectly packaged candles.

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