5 Best Ways to Giving To Charity

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“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.” Truly said by William James who was an American philosopher and psychologist, one of the most influential philosophers of the United States, and the, “Father of American psychology”.

As our lives could perish but our labors and good deeds always stay in the form of the positive impact it creates on someone’s life or lives of many. Indulging in giving and to bring about a change in the lives of many presents us with this opportunity to make the world a better place for not only them but for all of us. This will create a lasting impact and will outlast everything in the end. So here are the 5 Best Ways to Giving to Charity to achieve something greater than us.

Donate directly:

Donating directly to the beneficiary can always one of the best ways to give charity. As when the beneficiary of the charity is in front of us we get a whole different level of satisfaction and fulfillment on seeing that what we are giving is direct of some benefit to someone. This can be going via any charity which exactly who and where is in need and how much of help the need. Apart from this it also saves us from scams which usually seem to raise funds in the name of the needy and uses it for their debauchery. Especially we should be aware of the Telephone charity scams which often use names similar to those of well-known organizations and extorts money out of altruistic people. Hence we should be careful especially when in doubt we should cross-check or it’s always better to please go for making direct donations.

Donate your car, food, or clothing:

Another good way to give to Charity is in form of tangible goods such as our old car or clothes which do not fit on any more or other stuff which has little or no utility like furniture or appliances. As charities are always expanding and are always in need of something or the other to fulfill other’s as well as the need of their organization.

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Watch out for excessive administrative expenses:

Once we have made up our minds and is all set to donate, we should make sure that our money is being well spent. According to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance standards, a charitable organization should spend at least 65% of its money on program activities. This means activities directly pertaining to the cause 65% being the bare minimum we could ensure that the one planning on give far exceeds this threshold or find the ones which do go above and beyond it. For instance, we can consider WE Charity which has been able to achieve a remarkable level of efficiency within the non-profit sector, with only 10 percent of its budget spent on administration costs. These results in an average of 90 percent of WE Charity donations go directly to charitable efforts at home and abroad.

Make sure your charity is legit:

Also one of the best ways to give to charity is to make sure before giving that is it even worth our money and not some charity scam set to prey on our good intentions like a wolf in sheep’s skin. As some so-called charities aren’t even registered tax-exempt organizations. Instead, they are simply facades to extort money from people.

Give more than money:

Finally, we should not forget that there are some more things which are important than money. We can offer our favorite Charity our precious time as well as skills which can be used by them first hand for which they don’t need to arrange and pay for, again and again, it can be quite a luxury for them as well as for us to give time in form of volunteering for the cause. As it creates a is a win-win situation for the charity as well as us, as it is not always enough to fulfill the needs of our family and us and look towards others in helping them in monetary terms. Also for charity, it means spending less money on hiring people as well as growing their network of volunteers.

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