5 Easy Step to Organize Your Kitchen in a Weekend

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Is that pasta canister troubling you? Or maybe you want a shelf to be free of those bags and dedicate it just for tea? It is quite possible to reorganize your kitchen on a weekend. Here we are going to show you a 5 step plan to reorganize your kitchen.

1.      Cleaning Your Fridge

So the door of your fridge has those copper looking marks all over? That can be from that banana ketchup that splattered onto the fridge and you just forgot to clean it. The first step to go about reorganizing your kitchen is to clean your storage. The fridge is what appeals to the eyes most when somebody first glances at your kitchen. Take stuff out of your refrigerator. Just take everything out. Scrub the bottle guard, the shelves, and the racks. Then put back in only what is needed. That will help in reorganizing other stuff in other parts of the kitchen as well. The intention here is to organize your fridge in a way that it is more accessible. Put your fridge baskets to good use. Lots of vegetables and fruits? Just toss them in. When everything is in plain sight, you won’t have to go open any unnecessary containers.

2.      Decluttering

Countertops are the most used areas in the kitchen. It is so easy to place all your junk there without even knowing. Countertops can be easily cluttered with spices, appliances, bread, bowls, coffee containers and pretty much anything you can think of. So commit to yourself that this weekend you will reclaim your counters. Find a new place for your accessories and put all those bags somewhere more accessible like shelves. When you have clean countertops, you will find it easier and more motivating to cook food. So go on, clean those counters and cook something enjoyable.

3.      Sink Caddy

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This is the area that often gets ignored. When it comes to organization, the sink is the area that is most prone to getting cluttered in absolute grossness. Think of it, used sponges, scrubbers, brushes, and soap! The best solution is to buy a sink caddy. This little thing can carry all your sink accessories in a single space. This keeps your tools organized and in shape. If you are trying to get your kitchen done over the weekend, try getting this handy caddy and you will save a lot more time than you think.

4.      Organize Your Spices

It is not only you. It happens with everyone. This is pretty much the centre of all problems. Organizing your spices is something. With all those big and small bottles, you just don’t know how to put them together. Since they are all uneven in size, they are prone to eating much of your space. So here is a solution. Get a spice set for your kitchen and put all your spices in those little containers with labels on it. Trust me you are doing yourself a favour.

5.      Get Zip Top Bags for Food

It is downright impossible to store all the food in the kitchen with those big jars. Solution? Get zip-top bags. These are airtight and take minimal space on your shelves.

Final Word

So these were the top 5 tips to organize your kitchen on a weekend. Hope you can make something good out of it. Check here for a commercial convection oven for your kitchen.

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