5 Easy Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Car Carbon Cleaning
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The release of carbon into the atmosphere is called carbon emission. The natural sources that cause this emission include decomposition, respiration and ocean release. Its human sources are cement production, burning of fossil fuels, oil and natural gas and deforestation. Car carbon cleaning is another human source of carbon emission. This car carbon cleaning involves the removal of some components like carbon from the car engine.

Carbon is a greenhouse gas which is one of the causes of the greenhouse effect.

There are the following ways to reduce carbon emissions.

1.    Drive Less

Driving less can be very helpful in reducing carbon emission in the environment. You should try to take a train, bus or you may ride a bike. These means of travelling is less harmful to the environment. We should always try to make our travel climate-friendly. You can regularly service your car, check the tires and pumped them correctly, Air conditioning and intensive city driving, use cruise control, Carpool, and don’t weight your car with extra things. All these things can help you in making a safe drive and reduce carbon emissions.

2.      Waste Less

Wastage of food is a more common cause of carbon emission. Most people are practicing this in their routine life. There is some simple solution that can lower this wastage and carbon emission as well. These solutions include organizing your fridge regularly, be wary of bulk, Cook as much food as much as needed, Reuse leftovers, and store your food by freezing it instead of throwing out. These are some most effective and easy ways to reduce carbon emissions.

3.      Practice Recycling

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Recycling is the best way to end up your waste materials in the right way. There are many recycling processes you can do in your routine life such as recycling paper, steel, tin, broken electronics, and food containers are very common. You can also donate working electronics instead of wasting them. You may use your cell batteries through local municipality. There are a lot of things that you can recycle instead of wasting them.

4.       Turn off lights and other electrical appliances

As we know electricity is made up of burning fossil fuels, coal and natural gas. Burning of these things is the major cause of carbon and other greenhouse gases emission. When lights and other electrical appliances are turned on it utilize electricity according to its specific capacity which ultimately causes carbon emission. So, in order to reduce carbon emission, it is necessary to turn off lights and electrical appliances when they are not in use.  

5.       Make an energy-efficient home

Your home must be energy-efficient if you want a clean environment. Your home must have attics, doors and windows so that heat and cooling may escape from it. In order to keep a stable temperature, insulate your home. Plant a small garden including plants and trees. By trying these small hacks you may prevent your home as well as your environment from carbon emission.

There are many ways to reduce carbon emissions. Some of the simplest ways are mentioned above which you can easily try on your own.

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