5 Major Factors to Consider When Building a Patio

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Building a patio can be an exciting time in your home renovation process. It allows you to expand your creativity beyond the inside of your home and create an outdoor oasis.

And why not? With reports stating that ROI for landscaping projects can be anywhere from 100% to 1,000%, it makes sense.  

However, there are a few things to consider before rushing into your outdoor patio project. Here are five major factors to consider before building a patio. 

1. Location

While most people tend to think it’s easy to come up with the location for your patio, it’s not as simple as you may assume. For instance, you must consider the position of the sun when you plan to use the patio. 

If you like to relax in the backyard with a drink after a long workday, do you want to bask in the glow of the afternoon sunlight, or do you want shade? Depending on how you answer that question can change the location of your patio.

2. Access

While the location is important, access can be equally important. However, it depends on how you plan to use the patio. 

For instance, if you plan to eat occasionally out on the patio, you may not need it right by the kitchen. On the other hand, if you plan to spend your summer evenings out by the grill, you may want to have the kitchen closer to your patio. 

It all comes down to personal preference and how you plan to use your patio. 

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3. Size

It can be easy to overlook the size of the patio you need, especially if you shop for patio furniture after designing your patio. A better way to go is to find the patio furniture you want that matches the style you’re going for and then build a patio in relation to your patio furniture. 

That way, you’ll have plenty of space for your furniture, and it will look tailor-made for your space. 

4. Landscaping

It’s important to plan your patio design around other landscaping features. Taking time to consider planting options, how your patio will flow with landscaping features in your backyard, and designing patio spaces that are easy to maintain is essential for great patio design. 

5. Materials

Before selecting paving materials based on a slick-looking picture, it makes more sense to get some samples to see how it interacts with the rest of your backyard ambiance. 

While it may look good in the brochure, that doesn’t mean it will translate to your backyard. Try to avoid busy patterns, as they can get tiresome. Instead, choose materials with your backyard in mind, and you’ll have a great backyard oasis. 

Building a Patio Takes Planning

Building a patio takes planning and careful execution. Taking these five factors into consideration will put you on the fast track towards great patio design. 

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