5 Roofing Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Some roofing materials can last for decades but do you know what causes aging and damage to your roof? Knowing what can damage your roof will better equip you for protecting it. No one likes to deal with roof damage or leaks, so make sure you know your roofing maintenance with these simple tips.

1. Add UV Protection

UV rays can damage some roofing materials because the UV index is so high. This often happens in places like Hawaii and the southern states and results in visible aging. That’s why UV protection is often offered as standard in states with high temperatures.

This protection involves a coating on your roof that acts as a membrane. In addition to protection from the sun, they also offer protection from moisture, and some can even help the roof withstand severe weather conditions.

2. Maintain Trees

It’s easy to forget about trees. Large trees look good and can often offer privacy for your home, but they’re not always the best idea for your roof. Large branches that break off in bad weather can damage your roof, causing leaks inside.

Similarly, a few knocks to your tiles from smaller branches or large debris is enough to shift or break them. Cutting your trees back will ensure you don’t have to deal with this damage.

3. Keep Your Gutters Clean

As roofing maintenance tips go, this one may not be obvious. However, keeping your gutters clean regularly could prevent leaks or mold inside your home. When your gutters are clogged with debris, there’s nowhere for the rainwater to drain. 

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This means that water pools on the roof and have prolonged exposure to moisture. In addition, the longer the moisture stays on your roof, the more likely it is for fungi to grow and spread.

4. Sweep Away Vegetation

It’s common for some vegetation or debris to collect on a roof. If you notice any on your roof, it’s wise to clean it away. You can do it yourself with a roof brush or scrubber that extends, and you can use it from the floor. 

However, if you brush too hard, you could scratch or damage your roof. You’ll also need to wear a mask, gloves, and goggles, so debris doesn’t catch you unexpectedly. It’s often much easier to call a roofing maintenance company for repairing your roof.

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5. Check Your Roof

Whether you check your roof yourself or use a roofing maintenance service, it’s important to check your roof every season. Each season brings with it a new threat for your roof, whether it’s sun, snow, or wind. Checking your roof means you’ll be able to spot damage before it becomes a problem.

Why Roofing Maintenance Is So Important

Roofing maintenance is the best way to avoid costly fixes. Using simple tips could be the difference between a roof that lasts you decades or a roof that causes issues.

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