5 Things to Expect When Hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru

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Going for a trek to Rainbow Mountain in Peru is nothing short of an adventure, it is the perfect place for even those who are not avid trekkers or hikers. There is something about this place that makes it the most desired travel destination for everyone around the world. It has got beauty, serenity and that calmness that is required for a perfect holiday.

For all those people who are planning to go on a trek with their friends or family, here are the 5 things to expect when hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru:

Pick up facility: While you book the flight to Peru, you can always book a pickup facility to Rainbow Mountains. The tour cost somewhere around $30-$35. You will find a bunch of travelers with some amazing deals. The bus will pick you from streets of Cusco early in the morning; the pickup is so early that you might get afraid till the time bus will not arrive. You may see several people coming out of bars and pubs to back to their homes. Once the bus arrives it is about three hours to journey to such amazing mountains.

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Drive to your destination: Once you have boarded the bus, be ready for some adventure. The bus will take you from snaking roads amidst mountains. Generally, you will find people from different nationalities in your group while traveling, it is recommended to bring a travel pillow for comfortable travel rather than getting jerks on such zigzag roads.

Arrival to destination: After three hours of the journey, you will find everything essential around your destination. Toilets are built just outside the huts, and the kind of toilets available is a privilege to all those traveling to such trek mountains. They are already giving you a luxury by providing you with a toilet; if you need toilet paper, you may have to bring at your own.

Trek to Rainbow Mountains in Peru: The route to Rainbow Mountain is just amazing. Trekkers may pass through some amazing villages glittering from stones and streams. The trek is just amazing and proves to be a treat to eyes. However, even after having such amazing beauty, the altitude of the trek is really painful and can even prove to be a tiring journey for athletes. Those who have been to this trek before recommend spending at least a few days to get acquainted with the elevation of this region.

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