5 Things You Must Know When You Buy Motherboard Online

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We cover 5 things for you when you buy motherboard online because, the motherboard is one of the most important components that you need to make your PC work. Nothing else is going to work without it. The motherboard is the only thing that can decide what upgrades you must make for the future. Also, when a PC becomes obsolete, there comes a time to replace it. 

The buyers who are going to buy the motherboards for the first time might need to know a bit about the motherboard purchase and its background knowledge. Even the experienced one sometime is unaware of the latest technologies prevailing in the market. 

These are the things that you need to consider before buying a motherboard:

Form Factor To Buy Motherboard Online:

The first thing that you need to select is the form factor. Try for the ATX motherboard that is most common in the market. These motherboards are very smaller in size and reduce the number of expansion slots. When you are going to choose a motherboard, it can be the case that you are not sure of the size, you can always measure or compare it with your old motherboard. Or try and compare it with different sizes of the motherboard to see whether what motherboard is going to be the best fit for you. 

ATX technology is popular and it also has the addition of more expansion slots, which can be very useful. 

Check Processor socket to buy Motherboards: 

After you have figured out the size of the motherboard, the next thing that you need is the processor socket. There are different types of sockets available in the past but nowadays there are three which have been mostly available in the market. These three kinds of sockets are BGA, LGA, and PGA. the next big question is whether you want to buy Intel motherboard online from eSaiTech or will to some other option and Buy Motherboard Online. This is so because intel is using the LGA sockets. Although the BGA socket is not as popular as LGA sockets as it cannot be upgraded or serviced. 

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The type of socket that you choose for your motherboard is going to determine the processor for your motherboard. Try to consider what CPU you want before you decide the type of motherboard.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

RAM is also known as Random Access Memory, the motherboard that you buy is going to decide what kind and how much of RAM is needed for your CPU. so make this decision before you are going to buy a motherboard. You must consider the nature of work that will be done on the CPU. For example, if you want to assemble a PC for gaming or video editing purposes, then you need to go for a higher RAM. Or if you are using the PC just normally for home or office, A normal 4 GB of RAM would suffice. 

Also consider how many RAM slots are there on the Motherboard, so that you can upgrade it for the future. Buy a 16 GB RAM is enough to suffice for any purpose you want to use the PC for. 

Features You Should Have In A Motherboard:

If you are going with the motherboards which have a lot of inbuilt features, then you do not have to but any other cards online. You can buy AMD motherboard online as it comes with a good in-built graphic card, unlike Intel motherboards. You can go with AMD if you are a gamer. Intel would be better for those who are using the PC for regular use.  Some motherboards have features like good in-build sound cards, video cards, RAM slots, and a powerful battery. It is also worth noticing that many motherboards are offering various Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, that might cost you more if you are getting them after you buy the motherboard. Choosing a motherboard with extra features is going to reduce the need for expanding cards or upgrades and will also reduce the cost.


The motherboard will keep all the components together and make them work in harmony. It is better to check all these things before you look for a suitable motherboard for yourself online.

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