5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer
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‘Tis the time, friends! and Brighten Up Your Home This Summer. Summer is here and happier days are entering our lives. If you’re anything like me, right about now, you’re feeling antsy about your home not being filled by summery bits and pieces. You look to your right, and you see your dull décor pieces, you look to your left, and greys and dark still fill up the room. This has to change! Because guess what…?

If your home is not inspiring you, you won’t feel at your best. There are many studies that prove that your home reflects how you feel mentally, and it has a direct impact on your day to day. So, I think we can all agree that it’s time for a change!

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer
5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

Now, no need for feeling lost, I’m here to help you and guide you through this. I have created a small list of 5 ways to brighten up your home this summer! And they’re all no muss, no fuss!

What small changes can you add to your home to make it more summery?

We want to see-through it, honey!

This might sound like such a simple step to you, but it has one of the biggest results. Swap your thicker, heavier curtains for sheer white ones. Summer is the time of sunlight and long days, you don’t want to waste any beautiful ray of sunshine, so you need sheer curtains! The light will shine through your home and you’ll feel instantly happier and more productive. And get ready for all those golden hours pics you’ll be taking for your Instagram!

If you don’t want to spend any money on curtains, then go without them! I know a lot of people who don’t use curtains at all and they’re perfectly happy with it. If you don’t mind it, go for it! What’s important is that there is natural light all over your place.

We need them fragrant and fresh!

Another easy way to feel the summer in your home is to always have fresh flowers. Flowers add a unique touch to every home and especially in summer, you want them to be fresh and not faux! There’ll be a lovely fragrance in the air, and they add colour to your home. Now, if you want to go with white, I also approve of that! Whites always remind me of summer too. But a pop of a few reds and oranges would be so vibrant and you can keep the rest of the décor simple and neutral. You just need fresh flowers!

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer
5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

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An alternative: flowers can be really expensive, especially when they’re put into exquisite bouquets. However if you’re feeling creative, grab some flowers from your garden or buy some from the supermarket and create a bouquet yourself. Or… get some lush green plants! They last much longer, are usually cheaper and will also add a very fresh, breezy, summery feel to your home.

Remember your plants will need fresh air and plenty of sunshine, so installing a fire duct can be a good choice for your new and fresh home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?

It’ll definitely be you and your home! Mirrors are a cheap way to brighten your home by 100%. Position them right, and your rooms will not only feel much bigger, but the light they’ll reflect will make your home looks amazing.

The best position for your mirrors is opposite to windows or glass doors. The larger they are, the better they’ll reflect the light and the airier the room you’ll feel and be. If you’re choosing new mirrors, go for the lighter, paler tones. They always do best in summer. And if you already own a few mirrors, you can paint them a lighter colour. I promise this simple step will help a lot more than you think it will.

While we’re on the topic, I’d just like to add that if you can swap your light bulbs for white lights, that will also help make every room brighter, even if it’s artificial lighting. It doesn’t have to be a harsh white, but in the summer, it feels more natural and happier than a yellow-ish tone.

Ocean blues…

What I also like to do in summer is some DIYs. The weather’s better so things dry off quicker and I feel like I have the energy to produce more. So, one of my easiest and quickest projects every summer is to spray paint or paint a few décor pieces an ocean blue. Or, well, a shade of blue. I don’t know about you, but blue reminds me of the beach and tranquillity, and that all connects to summer. I love having blue around me, and if I don’t feel like DIYing, I buy small objects to put around the house. Maybe a few frames with beachy related themes, and I’m done!

Honestly, it’s really in the smallest things. One of the changes I make in summer is also my bed linen. I always use blues and summery looking bed sheets. And this is something I invested on once and I’ll keep them for a long time. It’s another easy step that will make a big difference.

Just lighten up…

No, not you… your home! The worst feeling is to have an overcrowded space. It doesn’t feel airy and bright, it just feels heavy and dull and I bet you, that will transfer into your personal life. Not only for the sake of making your home summer ready, but also for your own peace of mind, just lighten up your rooms. If you can’t see more than half of your floor, some things gotta go!

You don’t need to throw away everything or even sell it, just put it away in your garage or attic. If you find a sofa bed that is also multi-functional and can be used for storage, you will be saving some valuable space. And, pro tip, if you have less, that equals less cleaning and tidying so you’ll have more time to fully enjoy your summer! Win, win if you ask me! Whatever you do, just remember you don’t have to fully renovate your home or make a huge change. Small things make, sometimes, the biggest difference and by just changing things around in your home, I promise you’ll feel much lighter and ready for the summer! Your home will appreciate these changes and your life will too.

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