6 Awesome Ways To Travel The World For Free

Travel The World For Free
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Want to travel The World For Free? Pooh-oh-consolation! How much of this word! The joy of new impressions, the brightness of unexplored emotions and tremendous delight, which even adults and serious people can turn into sincere, enjoying the freedom of children! Traveling is the wings behind your back! Traveling is infinite happiness! Travel is a dream! And all this is true.

Although for sure there are now quite a few skeptics who will argue: “Travel is first and foremost a huge expense. No, I can not afford it. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll save up for a trip somewhere where there is enough money. ” And only very few initiates know that there is a special secret. In fact, you can travel around the world without spending huge amounts of money from your wallets and credit cards! Do you think this is a fairy tale or a joke? Not at all!

CouchSurfing – “CouchSurfing” To Travel The World For Free

Couchsurfing is the largest online guest network. The essence of this project is to help as many people as possible to travel to various countries of the world without large monetary expenses. Already 3 million people in 246 countries are united by this wonderful idea. Sun surfers, by the way, are also in the subject. We have already written about our experience in this article and even shot a video report about how we CouchSurfing Kuala Lumpur.

What does Couchsurfing look like in practice? Having studied all available options in advance, you are going on a trip to some country. Upon arrival, you are met and settled in the house of the inhabitants of the place where you arrived. And you live with them for free!

couchsurfing team
Travel The World For Free

Also, as a rule, you can count on free tours of attractions and interesting, significant places. That is, in fact, with the help of Couchsurfing, you find a friend or friends that you can safely rely on in terms of living and adapting to a culture or area that you are unfamiliar with. And all this is completely free – this is the main condition of the project, which must be strictly observed.

Although, of course, if you decide to thank your new friend with a gift as a thank you for the warm welcome provided, no one will mind, on the contrary – just glad

Turtle Teams – “Turtle Teams” To Travel The World For Free

Turtle Teams and this method is suitable for those who really want to travel and at the same time is a lover of wildlife. Turtle teams call the unification of many people around the globe who are actively fighting the process of the disappearance of sea turtles.

Turtle teams
Travel The World For Free

Work in such a team does not require special skills. For example, you may be instructed to engage in observations or training, and perhaps even some kinds of simple work, but in any case, you will make an invaluable contribution to the protection of cute turtles.
The main springboard for Turtle Team activities in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. Have you ever dreamed of visiting these places?

Conservation Volunteers – “Voluntary Protectors of Nature” To Travel The World For Free

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Conservation Volunteers
Travel The World For Free

Another opportunity to travel for the benefit of the environment. Voluntary conservationists are an organization that has made ecotourism development its goal and invites all volunteers who want to engage in the protection of nature into their ranks. Variants of activities provided to choose from for volunteers – a great many. Everyone will definitely have the opportunity to show their talents and choose a business to their liking.
Countries where the organization has expanded its activities: Australia, New Zealand, Japan and in the United States.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Appalachian Trail Conservancy To Travel The World For Free

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Travel The World For Free

An organization from the United States, whose main goal is to preserve in its original form for the descendants of its wealth – a huge stretch of Greenland (about 100 thousand hectares) from Maine to Georgia. Volunteers take care to leave future generations behind the opportunity to breathe clean air, admiring the wild landscapes untouched by civilization and enjoy the clean water in natural springs. All volunteers are provided with free accommodation and meals.

Help Exchange – Help Exchange To Travel The World For Free

Help is needed for people all over the world, but not always everyone has the opportunity to pay cash for its implementation. Isn’t this a great opportunity to visit a geographical area that you have long listed as a place to travel?

Help Exchange - Help Exchange
Travel The World For Free

Perhaps somewhere in a faraway country, someone will appreciate your ability to care for a garden, pick fruit, build houses, control a boat, or take care of pets. These people are ready to provide you with accommodation and food, all in exchange for your precious help.

Peace Corps – “Peace Corps” To Travel The World For Free

A unique organization that allows people from all over the world to exercise their right to freedom of choice of place of residence. You would like to live abroad, but you never get a chance to leave, or are you plagued by fears and doubts?

Peace Corps
Travel The World For Free

Peace Corps will help you To Travel The World For Free! You will get a chance to make a career in a wide variety of fields and industries, depending on your skills and needs. You will get a chance to realize yourself as a person and professional, you will get invaluable experience, which, of course, will be useful to you many times in your life.

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