6 Creative Ways To Promote Branding With Custom Engraved Pens

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Knowing how to satisfy your customers is essential for any brand, whether new or old-fashioned. Positive word-of-mouth boosts your brand’s popularity, credibility and helps acquire new customers. As a result, brands save tons of money.

Among the many ways to use branding to strengthen your business’ character, one stands out above all others – custom engraved pens for promotional branding. You may believe that a custom-logo printed “pen” is a dead item. Nevertheless, their value to businesses is priceless. These small, offline marketing tools can keep your brand in your prospects’ and customers’ minds in the digital world.

Promotional pens are also a massive advantage over promotional items because people can take them anywhere and everywhere as inexpensive advertising tools. In addition, promotional pens can be a great corporate giveaway when paired with tote bags and wearable items, such as shirts, jackets, and caps.

Below we provide some creative and innovative ways on how custom printed pens can skyrocket your branding plan.

1.            Dare to be distinctive with a “Nifty” business card replacement.

Business cards are a time-honored tradition for spreading your brand’s name and sharing your contact information. However, times are changing. You can put everything about your business online, but you must convince people to visit it. Perhaps your contact information is best printed on a pen rather than a card? It doesn’t have to replace a business card but think of it to make your company’s information more easily accessible.

Furthermore, business cards are inadvertently discarded when people clean out their pockets. Pens are frequently rescued from the clutches of the trash can. What’s more, pens that are built from environmentally-friendly materials are not only cost-effective but also last longer. Therefore, invest in promotional plastic pens to increase brand awareness and offer something that truly reflects what your business is about.

2.            Use as brand reminders. 

We all know how vital business meetings are – right?

Face-to-face meetings with clients and customers are even more important, as they strengthen bonds and foster loyalty. As humans, we desire to engage with those we do business with, especially at the initial stages of a client relationship, when trust has yet to be put in place.

The tone of voice and body language are both crucial to establishing loyalty. Giving away a few souvenirs to remind your customers or clients of your brand is also a great way to market it. 

The low cost of pens makes it feasible for marketers to give their clients pens every time they meet. You have the option of providing these promotional items to anyone who requests them. Moreover, custom-printed ball pens could be a clever way to keep your brand in the minds of potential customers and clients.

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3.            Provide a pen with every purchase

As lockdown measures around the world have been loosened, many stores have already reopened. So in case, you plan on engaging with a community in the near future, make sure you have a small bucket or box of pens available for them to take with them. Since they have your contact information, they will remember who to contact if they need similar products or services in the future. 

Some may even take more than one to distribute to people they know, allowing your brand to spread far and wide. In business, staying in people’s minds is critical, and promotional pens can help with that.

4.            As mailer gifts

Suppose you ship packages to customers or distribute promotional kits. In that case, company-branded pens are a nice tiny extra to include in the box or envelope. Everyone enjoys receiving something they ordered in the mail—and if they open the package to find a couple of pens, they’ll be overjoyed. Even if the contents of the box don’t last forever, they can keep your pen in use for much longer than you think. Furthermore, inserting a bulky pen into a direct mail package increases the likelihood that the chunky envelope will be opened and your brand will be noticed.

5.            Consider pens to be the traditional sales call leave-behind. 

Going on sales calls requires courage and determination. You want to sell your company while also ensuring that the person you’re courting becomes a loyal customer. You put your heart and soul into the pitch, and you want it to be remembered long after you’ve finished speaking with the customer. What better method to show your appreciation than to leave a small token, a helpful little tool that will remind the client of you later? When you’re busy selling, grab a bunch of your branded pens and happily hand them out to anyone who asks. You’ll be amazed at how many you’ll distribute.

6.            Let the pens be loose.

Brand consistency is important because it fosters trust and closeness, and it also helps to develop and solidify your message. If you own a physical store or a small office where you interact with customers regularly, having a small bucket of pens on display is a nice touch. Place it on a reception desk in a high-traffic area and invite customers to take one. Customers frequently need to write something down or sign a receipt, and if they see a pen nearby, they will request to use it.

Besides, most people can’t resist taking advantage of a free promotional pen, making the writing instrument an adequate marketing opportunity for a company to raise brand awareness. For brand recognition to be effective, a target must regularly be exposed to your company’s name, logo, or tagline. Seeing the same thing repeatedly makes a prospect remember your company, where promotional pens come in. This way, your target audience will always be thinking of you.


The above examples show that you have no shortage of ways to use a promotional pen to promote your brand. It will never be wrong to state that pens are indeed the best brand ambassadors of businesses. They can instantly help you connect with the target audience and build a solid customer base. 

No matter the size of your business, custom engraved pens can be a valuable marketing tool. In addition, you can use the ways mentioned earlier as your guide to using pens to promote your brand (if you don’t have any ideas) and get started.

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