7 Healthy Foods for Balanced Diet

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Everybody now days want has a healthy body and it’s not difficult as people think so.  What exactly, you need, you need to have daily fitness exercises, balance diet, and necessary proteins and minerals on daily basis. Here below this post is all about Mumbai Square, one of the best Indian restaurants in London, UK that only provides a healthy food to its customers, but also at the same time gives healthy diet plan to them as well to follow at home. Here below is a list of 7 healthy foods, which must be in your daily health plan. Also if you want to enjoy healthy Indian recipes and food, while living in London, than you may visit Mumbai Square. Anyhow, let’s move forward towards 7 healthy foods, which must be in your daily health and fitness plan.

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7 Key Foods for Healthy Human Body

  1. The fruits:

Rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, fruits are excellent health allies. Peaches and apricots are full of antioxidants, while bananas and kiwis will give you the energy you need to avoid tiredness in winter. The National Health Nutrition Program recommends eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

  • Foods rich in fiber:

Indispensable to the balance of the body, dietary fiber has many benefits. They help lower LDL cholesterol (which must remain low). The fibers regulate the intestinal transit as well as the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids, cleanse the body and act on arterial hypertension. They are found in nuts, whole wheat, fruits and vegetables, or oats.

  • Fatty fish:

A delicious commodity full of benefits and the fatty fish (salmon, sardines, and mackerel) are economical food source of protein, vitamins and omega 3 that contribute to the proper functioning of the heart. Enjoy the beautiful days to eat in the barbecue, aperitif or grill. Fatty fish also help regulate LDL cholesterol.

  • Vegetables:

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Rich in vegetable protein, fiber and vitamins (and low in fat), “pulses” are an integral part of a healthy diet and contribute to the effect of satiety. Vegetables are many and varied: beans, lentils, soy, whole or broken peas, chickpeas, beans, alfalfa or lupins, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

  • The dried fruits:

Excellent allies health to stay healthy in everyday life. There are two types of dried fruit: naturally dried fruits (almonds, nuts) and dehydrated fruits (apricots, dates).

Each dry fruit has specific benefits: dates prevent tiredness, while nuts promote the reduction of LDL cholesterol.

  • White meat:

Meat, chicken, veal, pork, rabbit is low in calories and high in protein. It is also an economical meat and easy to cook with the menus of the week. According to some studies, white meat could also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers (colon).

  • Vegetable oil:

Whether on sandwiches or for frying food, many of us use butter in the kitchen every day. Yet this food is rich in saturated fatty acids. Use instead vegetable oils (rapeseed, olive) that contain essential fatty acids, essential to our dietary balance and the proper functioning of the brain.

There are no “good” or “bad” foods, only bad eating clothes.

Do not have a bad conscience when eating your favorite foods: just try to reduce the portions. Adopt a varied and balanced diet, and try to follow the following 7 points as often as possible.

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