7 solutions to fix why Facebook comments not loading

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Facebook is perhaps the most broadly utilized web-based media stages to share photographs and recordings with others and the world. As of late, a ton of clients grumbled about issues identified with Facebook remarks, for example, when I click on “View more remarks”, remarks neglect to show up or I can’t see past remarks or snap remarks segments, however remarks will not load. All things considered, there is no uncertainty that it is very disappointing to encounter this sort of issue on Facebook. Below you will get 7 solutions why facebook is not loading comments properly or if this doesn’t solve the below points or any other issue you are facing then contact facebook customer service to get professional help in fixing your issue.

In the event that you are experiencing this equivalent circumstance, at that point you have gone to the correct page. In this post, you will become more acquainted with different arrangements that can likely assist you fix the “Facebook remarks not working” issue. 

How to Fix: Facebook Comments Not Loading [7 Solutions] 

There are various components that drive you to experience this irritating Facebook remarks issue. Fortunately there are potential ways you can attempt to fix this issue absent a difficult situation. 

Arrangement 1: Refresh the application 

The principal thing you can attempt to fix the issue is to invigorate the application. There are numerous situations when the local Facebook customer on iPhone or different iOS gadgets stalls out. In such situations, you simply need to revive the Facebook application that you can do by just swiping down on your news source. This manual for the most part fixes different issues, as Facebook remarks will not load. 

In the event that you aren’t ready to determine the issue with invigorating the application, at that point quiet down and proceed onward to the following arrangements. 

Arrangement 2: Check your web association 

One of the basic purposes for Facebook remarks neglects to stack is a helpless organization association. Along these lines, you need to ensure that you are utilizing solid and solid Wi-Fi or cell web association to load your Facebook remarks. You can visit different pages to check if different ones load with a similar association. 

Likewise, clients who grumbled that they can see remarks on cell information, yet not utilizing Wi-Fi can attempt to switch between cell organization and Wi-Fi on their gadget. Else, you can attempt to kill or on Wi-Fi/portable information on your gadget a few times. 

Arrangement 3: Force-quit and restart the application 

On the off chance that the issue doesn’t get settled even in the wake of guaranteeing all is great with a web association, at that point you would now be able to attempt to constrain quit your Facebook application and restart it. Now and then, essentially relaunching an application tackles the different issues you are confronting while at the same time utilizing the application. Furthermore, it is one of the least complex and most effortless ways you can attempt to fix “remarks not stacking” issues on your Facebook application. 

Arrangement 4: Re-sign to your record 

You can attempt to sign out and sign in to your Facebook account. Here and there, straightforward re-sign to the record causes you to fix different issues you are encountering while at the same time utilizing the application. 

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To sign-out from the record, follow the beneath steps: 

  • Open the Facebook application on your iPhone. 
  • Then, click on the “More” symbol from the beneath menu bar. 
  • Here, click on the “Log Out” choice. 

When you log-out of your record, sign in to your record again following a couple of moments and check if the issue is settled or not. 

Notwithstanding it, it is very helpful to sign-in to your Facebook account from various gadgets. How about we take a model, on the off chance that you can’t see your remarks on Facebook application on your iOS gadget, at that point you can attempt to sign-in to the record on your Mac to check whether the remarks are obvious there. 

In the event that you can’t see remarks on the web form of Facebook as well, at that point you can proceed onward to the following answers for emerge from the “Facebook remarks not stacking” issue. 

Arrangement 5: Clear the reserve 

On the off chance that the stored information of the Facebook application got obsolete our undermined by one way or another, at that point it could lead you to Facebook remark not working issue. Also, reserve hinders the gadget to work and subsequently, you can clear the store to fix the issue. 

  • Run the Facebook application and afterward, click on the “More” choice. 
  • Now, select “Settings” and from that point onward, pick “Record Settings”. 
  • Next, click on the “Program” alternative to move to the Browser settings page. 
  • Here, click on the “Unmistakable Data” and that is it. 

Arrangement 6: Check Update for the application 

Ensure that the Facebook application on your gadget is refreshed to its most recent adaptation. Now and again, not refreshing the application make you experience such issues you are confronting now. In this way, follow the beneath steps to guarantee that Facebook is modern or no. 

  • Open the App store and afterward, click on the “Updates” alternative. 
  • Locate the Facebook and from that point onward, click on the “Update” button in the event that it is accessible. 

Arrangement 7: Uninstall the application and re-introduce it 

In the event that you can’t fix the issue with the assistance of the above arrangements, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to uninstall the Facebook application and afterward, re-introduce it on your gadget from the Apple store. This strategy will most likely suit the difficulty you are looking at as it works for some clients. 

  • first and foremost, gently contact and afterward, hold down the Facebook application until it begins to shake on your iPhone. 
  • Next, click on the cross symbol situated at the upper left corner of the application. 
  • Now, click on “Erase”. On the off chance that you are utilizing iPhone X or above, at that point click on “Done”. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are utilizing iPhone 8 or prior, at that point press the “Home” button. 

Once uninstalling the Facebook application effectively from your gadget, re-download and introduce it from the App Store on your iOS gadget. Presently, you might have the option to stack remarks on your Facebook application.

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