7 Ways For FE Prep Faster

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After completing his master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field from an ABET-accredited program, any engineering aspirant needs to clear two exams to be qualified as a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). The first of the two exams, the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, is a national-level exam conducted every year across the United States. Clearing this exam takes the aspirants to the next level in their journey to become an engineer. 

7 ways to FE prep faster- Useful tips and tricks

Being a national-level exam, it has become highly competitive. But with FE prep accompanied by useful and smart strategies, one can clear the exams and move a step ahead towards their dream career. Here is a list of 7 useful comprehensive tips for faster and better FE prep.

Understanding the exam topics: 

The first step of preparing for the exam is to familiarize yourself with all the topics and syllabus of the exam. Knowing the topics beforehand, the aspirant can prepare himself for all the topics that come in the exam. Depending on the FE exam, one can get questions from about 14 different subjects. With proper understanding and knowledge of all possible topics, the candidate can prepare himself with only those required subjects, thus saving him time.

Analyzing the weightage of each topic and categorizing them-

The exam topic differs as per the FE exam taken. By making a proper and realistic projection of possible combinations of the questions of all the topics, one should prepare more for the categories with more questions. This way of FE prep will not only help the candidate to attend more questions in the exam but will also help in building his confidence. 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Knowing one’s unique strengths and weaknesses in the exam topics, the candidate can prepare himself better for the subjects he lags in while preparing for the exams. By working on his weaker side, he can make an overall development in his concepts.

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Developing a proper time map for exams-

The 110 questions long paper comes with a time limit of 6 hours for the candidates to attend the questions. The exam also includes a break and a tutorial, which leaves 5 hours and 20 minutes for the candidates to write the answers. By developing a complete time-bound plan for answering the paper beforehand, one can easily finish the paper before time and spare time to recheck the answers. 

Enrolling for exam courses and taking tests-

With more than hundreds of online courses and preparation resources, the candidate can prepare himself by taking tutoring from online teachers, watching video lectures, knowing useful tips and tricks, and taking online exams. These courses can surely help the aspirants a lot by preparing them with a more realistic approach. 

Studying Course-related books

Books are the most necessary and useful tools for clearing any exam. There are thousands of books written by experts, which can help aspirants prepare for the exams. Books will help you understand the theories of every subject and help you learn those topics, which any online course might miss. It is advised that candidates prefer the latest books to get the best out of them.

Making a proper study schedule-

The most integral factor is responsible for achieving any target in the preparation of a realistic roadmap for it. The same is required for FE prep. By preparing a well-planned roadmap for the exams, the candidate will complete his syllabus before the exams. Some aspects to look at while developing a perfect plan regarding FE exam preparation include making a proper study schedule, fixing deadlines for finishing a particular exam subject, taking time for video lectures and paper solving, etc.


Besides the ways mentioned above of FE prep, a candidate can discover the unique ways that will help him to prepare himself better according to his convenience and abilities. With the utmost level of dedication and hard work, any aspirant will successfully clear the exam and move towards his dream career.

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