8 military skills to include in your civilian resume

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Finding a job is never easy and this could be the most nerve-wracking process for a lot of individuals. Since the workplace dynamics are now changing rapidly and things have gone completely 180 degrees, this is very essential for the job-hunters to match the requirements of the employers.

Landing a job of your choice is one big struggle that can leave you disappointed and demotivated a couple of times. But, going through this phase effectively needs dedication and one should always keep working hard to make his dreams come true. Always remember, hard work does pay off!

To get the dream job, the first step is to craft an excellent and noticeable resume. The type of CV that could pass the ATS and could impress the recruiter is very essential to land the job. However, writing a resume could be a little daunting to a lot of people and for this purpose, they take the help of the professional CV writers of CV Master.

Narrowing the resume writing down to the skills and the industry specifications, there come several challenges with CV crafting and one could feel over-whelming while explaining about himself.

In this article, we are going to walk through some military skills that you can include in your civilian resume and can give a kick start to your career.


In general, the people who join the military gain an amazing yet valuable skill set and training that helps to strengthen their overall personality. If they are ever discharged from the service, they can include those military skills in their resume while applying for several jobs.

The presence of military skills in the person can help him to stand out among the crowd of candidates.

Military skills are essential because they can help the service members to develop different abilities that would lend a helping hand for the boost of their career. These are some valuable soft skills and some technical hard skills that can help these individuals to work as in a team and on an independent basis as well.

The veterans who are returning back to civilian life can use this skill set to have a broad range of opportunities. Showing the recruiter how you have worked for the military service in the past can open up several roles for you.


Impressing a recruiter with an excellent resume could be intimidating and can make you feel doubtful about your skills. However, with the help of the military skillset, you can make a long-lasting impression over the recruiter and he would definitely think again about hiring you!

Below is the list of 8 military skills that you can include in your civilian resume to land the job of your choice. If you are finding it difficult to craft a CV with military skills then you can take the contact the military resume writing help to get a professionally written resume.

Communication and planning:

While being in the military, you must have been in the communication with the teammates and planning of the outcomes. This could be your excellent chance to portray your skills of great communication and more productivity. These skills would also improve the active listening and critical thinking of the individual.

Flexibility and problem-solving:

The individuals who have been in the military are highly flexible as they can handle the change in the environment and can adapt the new situations quickly. The flexibility and problem-solving skills of the person can help him to work under pressure and he can find the issues and their solutions in the workplace.

Technical skills:

This skill depends upon your occupation of the military. Whether it has been a mechanic, system analyst, and program manager, the military occupation would help you to get the job easily. You have skills and experience in your hand so keep looking for opportunities to fit in a civilian role.


The personnel of the military has much higher and enhanced integrity to earn the trust of their supervisors. They are the best humans in keeping secret information highly confidential. The integrity skill can also help you to get a job in the finance or the intelligence sector.

Teamwork and leadership:

Individuals with military experience are best at working in teams. They are known to the methods via which the whole team participates in the tasks. They are not only good co-workers but they are also amazing at leadership.

Organization and management:

The experienced veterans also know about the techniques to keep the things and team highly organized and managed. In this way, they can get the appraisals and bonuses quickly. Make sure to include in your resume your enhanced focus and extreme management skills.

Curiosity to learn:

Showcase your curiosity about the learning. Let the employers know about your creativity and innovative skills. This would help the workplace to improve its productivity as well and you can make some valuable contributions to the company.


Veterans are known to the concept that dedication and hard work is everything that matters. Dedication can help you to be productive at the workplace and you can accomplish complex and difficult tasks. This can also enhance your career goals for the future and can bring you special recognition.

FINAL TAKEAWAY: The above listed8 military skills can transform your civilian resume quickly and you would be able to land the job of your choice soon. Make sure to craft the CV with an eagle’s eye and give it a thorough proofread in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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