8 Surprising Reasons to Swap your Toothbrush with Miswak

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Nowadays, a toothbrush is our cleaning weapon. Just think about the oral health care practices which were followed centuries ago. When we talk about these old times’ practices, miswak is the first thing that comes to our minds.

What is a miswak?

Miswak or you can call it an ancient toothbrush, is made from the twig of the Salvadora tree. Miswak has ruled the oral healthcare industry for ages and was a primary means of ensuring oral health care. Though the use of miswak has been quite limited, many people are still using this centuries-old practice.

Surprising benefits of using miswak

I’ve seen a top dentist in Islamabad recommending patients to use miswak because the patient was the sufferer of some oral health problem. Some of the important health benefits of miswak are;

1- Prevention against tooth decay 

When it comes to dental health problems, tooth decay is pretty common. Famous toothpaste commercials often emphasize the importance of fluoride to deal with the problem of tooth decay, but did you know that your saliva is capable of fighting tooth decay? Using miswak to clean your mouth can increase the production of saliva in the mouth that keeps oral infections at bay and fights tooth decay naturally.

2- Fighting bacterial infections 

Bacterial infections are quite common when it comes to oral health. Poor oral hygiene practices are the major reason behind the build of bacteria in the mouth that results in recurrent bacterial infections. However, these infections can be prevented by the use of miswak because of its antibacterial properties. 

3- Reducing plaque and tartar 

Plaque accumulation on teeth can be problematic and if it stays there for a prolonged time, it is converted into tartar which can’t be removed by regular brushing. I remember a few years ago my mother developed the problem of tartar and her physician at the dental care clinic mechanically removed the tartar.

However, the use of miswak can aid to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth which is one of the biggest reasons behind gum diseases and teeth loss. 

4- Teeth whitening

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As miswak can blanch bacteria from oral surfaces, especially teeth. This removal results in teeth whitening naturally. Moreover, the use of miswak can help to lighten or reduce tobacco, food and drinks spots on teeth surfaces.

5- Fresh breath 

All these health benefits of miswak give you a convincing list of reasons to use it. Other than these health benefits, miswak can keep your breath fresh and improve oral hygiene in general.

6- Healthy gums

Gums provide the basic framework of the oral cavity as the teeth roots are embedded in gums. Thus healthy gums can guarantee a healthy mouth. The use of miswak can make your gums healthy and strong due to its anti-bacterial and anti-plaque properties. Moreover, miswak can also prevent many gum diseases that can cause irreversible gum damage. 

7- Pain relief

Most of us can agree how painful a toothache can be. Toothache is mainly due to several oral health problems particularly, oral infections. But do you know that miswak can also act as a natural painkiller and can eliminate the pain? Further, the use of miswak can also promote the healing process, providing more comfort.

8- Cancer prevention

You must be having a lot of information on the prevention of oral health problems by use of miswak but to your surprise use of miswak can prevent the onset of certain cancer types. Miswak is a naturally anti-cancerous substance due to the presence of many antioxidant enzymes.

9- Light on the pocket

When it comes to our oral health we are more likely to opt for cheap options and end up troubling our teeth. But don’t worry, Miswak provides you with a solution for this too. Miswak is an inexpensive tooth cleaning option and gives you all the reasons to replace your toothbrush. 


Miswak is a natural product that can provide the best oral health solution. The use of miswak on a regular basis is known to prevent many oral health problems as well as is also for its anticancer activity. I hope by now, you must have enough reasons to make an informed decision regarding the choice of miswak.

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