8 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

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Babies are the incredible blessing of God, and being a parent is a beautiful experience. It brings two people closer and strengthens the material relationship. Recent research has reported that having a child can save struggling marriages. Although the infant’s arrival brings a lot of responsibilities to the parents, it also increases the partner’s commitment to each other. Parenthood can save the marriage to much extent.

According to John Gottman, nearly 67% of couples realize marital satisfaction after having a baby. The kids act as a marriage saver for the conflicting relationship. On the flip side, the childless couple has to face many difficulties to survive their marriage. As per the research, infertile spouses are at three times higher risk of divorce than others. Infertility is really devastating for the relationship. If you are also dealing with episodes of infertility, you must take proper treatment from the best infertility specialist in your area. They give you the right direction and help in conceiving.

Fertility can also be boosted with some home remedies. The home remedies are absolutely natural and harmless. Here are the eight most effective natural ways that can boost the chances of getting pregnant.

Consume Foods Containing Antioxidants

Many free radicals in the body affect the quality of a female’s egg and the menstruation cycle. The anti-oxidants are the natural compound that fights against these free radicals and increases the chances of conception. This compound is extensively present in berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc.) and dark green leaf-based vegetables. You should consider these berries in your diet to enhance fertility.

Say No To Trans Fats

Trans fats elevate the carbohydrate status more than the required limit. The experts have found that excessive consumption of trans fats containing foods increases female infertility by 73%. In addition to this, trans fats can have catastrophic effects on heart health. Therefore, you should avoid eating cakes, cookies, frozen pizzas, fried foods, etc.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is essential for recharging the body. In the morning, our blood sugar level is below average; breakfast elevates it and gives us abundant energy to stay active for the whole day. Skipping the morning diet results in low energy and hormonal imbalance. The poor morning meal directly affects the ovulatory functioning and reduces the chances of conception. Therefore, you should have a big meal in the morning to overcome infertility issues.

Avoid Refined Carbs

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Refined carbs are also known as processed carbs because they are not found in natural foods. Refined carbs are present in many processed foods like soda, white bread, pasta, etc. Refined carbs-containing foods are harmful to metabolism and fertility. If you seriously want to become a parent, you need to cut-down refined carbs-rich foods.

Cut Down Caffeine

The researchers have found that caffeine is not good for fertility. It reduces the probability of conception and can also lead to miscarriage. The excessive consumption of caffeine affects both female and male fertility. It degrades the quality of sperm cells of males and damages the fallopian tubes of females. So, you need to curb your tea, coffee, and chocolate intake while trying for a baby or during pregnancy.

Take Lot Of Protein

Protein promotes egg ovulation in females and boosts the testosterone levels of men, which eventually increases fertility. Although protein is present in both veg and non-veg foods, physicians recommend females to get protein from plant-based foods. This is because vegan foods are full of oxidants and do not cause obesity.

Stay Active

Yoga and exercise also reduce infertility both in men as well as women. Go for moderate exercise as intense exercise imbalances the body’s energy levels and damages the reproductive system.

Stay Away From Stress

Stress is the biggest enemy of fertility. No matter how good you eat, how healthy you are, you can never fulfill your dream of becoming a parent if you always feel distressed. It is important to stay happy and relax to elevate the probability of getting pregnant.

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