Achieve the sofa you want by styling it with Cushions

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Modern houses today have one thing in common: sofa. You can spot a sofa in every house. Whether it is placed in the living room, office, bed room or in your mini-library; sofa undeniably plays a big role for home decoration. Additionally, we cannot imagine a house without sofas in it. They are very essential for it brings comfort and relaxation to us and it is where we stay the whole time. 

However, because it is very significant to put sofa in our houses, we should not forget about styling it to produce a much-sophisticated look where we can enjoy relaxing and staying on it. 

For today’s topic, we are going to explore different design tip on how to style our sofas to create a beautiful and stunning look. 

  1. Put on two to four cushions

In some cases, you may decide to display three cushions that work perfectly even on a two-seater sofa. To create a simple and concise look, a two-seater sofa should be used to accommodate two or four cushions. Seeing cushions on two-seater sofas is to provide minimal comfort to the sofa, and is often the first choice for those looking to cut down on the decor. A major design tip: Place them on either side of the sofa or slightly in between them. This theme offers the option to use the same padding for a simple and elegant finish.

  1. Choose an inviting color for your cushions

Another important design tip for styling a sofa is to remember that cushions don’t have to match. There are many ways to mix and match them. You need to incorporate fresh textures and colors. This will quickly regain the coordinated but inconsistent look of the room. It is recommended to use 3 colors from different sources in the room: wall color, carpet, bed and curtains. You can try combining brown with shades of orange. Or try mixing neutral colors such as gray and brown together. Furthermore, explore how dark colors go beautifully with light ones. Even if you choose a variety of cushions with different textures, if they are at least the same color scheme, the look will be very neat.

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  1. Partner your cushions with a throw blanket

Placing cushions and blankets in any sofa or couch, these home décor design tips will surely add a touch of comfort and personality. A blanket with a cushion can provide style and comfort, practicality and beauty. They are the most fashionable and affordable accessories that can better showcase your room. This will also complete a dramatic and elegant look for your space.
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  1. Vary sizes of your cushions

Commonly, the most common cushion size and shape is square. You can get larger square cushions, but this is less common and probably too boring if they have the same square sizes and shape. Cushions can also add an extra touch of style to your sofa, because they add another dimension to your décor. This idea is possible in a round-shaped cushions. There are also cushions that have tube-like shape. However, they are very large and have technically been used for support when sitting in bed. To vary shapes and sizes of cushions, try to put larger pads cushions at the back and put the smaller ones at the front. Using cushions of different shapes and sizes with the same fabric and design, you can give any seating arrangement a stylish and comfortable look.
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  1. Create Texture

The beauty of the new mattress is that it enhances the color, pattern and texture of the existing decor. Even if the new mattress looks good, it is equally important to consider the effect of the fabric choice and how it complements the interior of the room. No matter what fabric you purchase, choose from a variety of solid color prints printed on indoor and outdoor cushions to decorate your home and liven up the space. You can choose a velvet fabric, cotton, polyester blends, wool and leather to complete the look of your sofa.

When it comes to fabric and pillow patterns, don’t be afraid to explore and try different design tips. It will help you find what you really like and help you better understand which fabrics are best for your home.

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop we give you various home décor that last long. visit us online and achieve your desired look for your home. 

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