5 Fantastic Landscaping Ideas for Your Home That You’ll Love

Neat landscaping can raise a home’s value by 5-12%! If you were selling a $300,000 home, that translates to an additional $16,000 to $38,000! 

Whether or not you are selling your home, it’s nice to get back from work or school drop-offs and be greeted by a well-manicured landscape. Well-manicured doesn’t have to mean expensive or time-consuming either. 

This post will walk you through 5 landscaping ideas to try at your home! Keep reading for fresh and fun tips! 

1. Build Some Borders

One of the most simple landscaping ideas to implement is adding borders. You can place a border where any different elements meet: the grass and the flower beds, the flower beds, and the walkway, etc. 

Common materials for borders include: 

  • Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Wood
  • Plastic composite

As you choose your border material, keep in mind the other materials of your home. If you have a brick home, it might be nice to contrast it with simple concrete pavers. If you have a home with wood shingles, you can highlight the shingles by choosing a matching wood border. 

2. Lavishly Light

Of all the front yard landscaping ideas, adding light can be the simplest yet most dramatic change. Many landscaping lights are solar powered as well which means you can place them there then forget about them. 

Many landscaping services, like Hydro Dynamics, offer professional lighting services. This means they can help you with the trickier lighting jobs. Things like pathway lighting can be wired so you have the power to turn it on or off to your choosing.  

3. Fill Out With Flowers

If you have an open space and aren’t sure what to do with it, fill it out with flowers! Spaces like around tree beds, on either side of our front door, or next to your walkways often could use some color. 

By adding a splash of color here and there, you can take your eye on a journey through your landscaping. There are some bushes that flower which can fill up more space while still accomplishing a pop of color. 

4. Put Down a Pathway

For easy backyard landscaping ideas, consider adding pathways. A whimsical cobblestone paver transforms a conventional backyard into a magical wonderland. 

A straight pathway that leads to your shed can increase the functionality and enjoyment of your backyard space. The pathway can be DIY with pavers or can be professionally done by hiring someone to pour cement paths. 

5. Keep It Seasonally Simple

The last landscaping idea on this list is to keep your plans seasonally simple. Unless you absolutely love gardening, you’ll probably not want to change out your landscaping with each season. 

Using perennials, plants that bloom every year, saves you the labor of frequent replanting. Also, keeping in mind what plants are native to your area can help you find plants that will survive year-round. 

Put These Landscaping Ideas Into Action

As you consider these landscaping ideas, know that a little can go a long way. Which of these ideas will you tackle first? You’ll feel a spark of satisfaction every time you see your refreshed landscaping. 

For more helpful information to boost your satisfaction in life, check out the rest of our blog today! 

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