5 Best accessories to personalize your smartphone experience

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We cannot say smartphones are becoming the center of our lives, cause they already have become. However, there’s more addition to the story. Although smartphone itself is a great invention and gadget, however mixing it up with the ever advancing family of mobile accessories and gadgets, smartphones can become the alternative to a few large devices such as laptops & computers as well. This is all the play of best accessories and how you come up with your experience with these. Here we are sharing 5 best smartphone accessories to personalize and enhance the experience on your device.

Phone covers or cases:

Elegance is the thing our eyes require whenever we buying something extraordinary such as a smartphone. While mobile manufacturers offer highly classy, elegant and eye-catching design, phone covers are also a great accessory that can give an outstanding and classy outlook to the smartphone. Talking of trends, leather cases are the trendiest among all stylish mobile phone covers collection you can find anywhere. While phone covers offer beauty for the device, this accessory can also offer a great bit of security for the gadget also.

Popsockets or rings:

Another great mobile phone accessory that has become more of a necessity for smartphone lovers is popsocket or ring. Which one is your favorite among both? I personally like the popsocket as it does offer a good grip over the phone and is more reliable. Also, popsocket protects the back of the phone from scratches more than the ring does. However talking of facts, rings have more become a user’s love than a popsocket. Let us know in the comments section which one in your choice among both.

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Wireless charging:

The era of power banks in now old. Although the market continues to grow every day, style and class can only be achieved with a wireless charging pad. And if you are to spend money on a gadget that can provide or charge smartphone battery, wireless charging is the most stylish, reliable and portable device to do the job. Any top brand like Samsung, Huawei, Or Mi can be bought at reasonable prices.

Virtual reality headsets:

Virtual reality is the tech of the future. Soon it will replace some very traditional tech practices from the world. It has the potential to revolutionize school, office, home & personal workspace for almost every kind of person. It can be a great entertainment gadget as well for smartphone users to watch movies in VR, play games and use other applications in real-world scenarios.

Bluetooth speakers:

Being a music lover, you can’t deny the importance of Bluetooth speakers. While headphones offer a great music listening experience when in groups, you will surely need the help from a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Compact in size, these speakers can be carried anywhere in a backpack. Moreover, the high volume sound offered via these is the perfect solution when in small parties or enjoying with friends outdoors. A great thing is that you can buy Bluetooth stereo speakers anywhere between $40 to $120.

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