Best Flowers That You Can Grow In Your Garden

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Gardening is a hobby, which takes us nearer to Mother Nature than we had ever expected. Planting different flowers not just adds to the beauty of your garden, but gives a certain sense of satisfaction while they bloom in your garden. The self-satisfaction that you receive when your neighbour or your husband praises you for your beautiful garden is truly heavenly, right? We understand you are wondering now, which flowers should you plant now? Don’t worry, and we are here with answers which can help you. 

 As a beginner in gardening, you need to understand that you should plant Perennial plants, which can gloom each year in your garden. Get ready with your gardening tools and get dirty with soil and water to taste the sweet victory of success while our flowers bloom. 

  1. Blanket Flower

These beautiful and fragrant flower blooms with petals having a mixture of wine red and sunlight yellow colours. These flowers, when gazed upon in your garden, resemble the essence of the sun while setting down the horizon making the sky bust with its calming beauty. Florist in Kolkata can help you to buy these beautiful flowers.

 The blanket flower is well and appreciated by gardeners due to its long seasonal bloom. This plant grows to a height of 1-2 feet, while it blooms in the period of early summer to early fall.  

2.      Pineapple Sage

As its name suggests, this pineapple sage mesmerizes the gardeners with its fragrant and addictive pineapple scent. This flower will fill your garden with an earthy fresh and mild pineapple scent and attract the viewers with its red tubular flowers and bright green steams. This plant is meant to thrive in direct sunlight. Along with all these qualities, this plant even gives proper nourishment to the soil.

This plant requires a well-drained soil for proper growth of the plant. With its beautiful fragrance, it attracts different birds to play around it, while it glooms during the period of late summer to fall. The average height of this plant is around 3-4 feet. 

3.      May Night Sage

This flower resembles peace and purity if planted in your home garden. This beautiful flowering plant attracts various butterflies to dance and play around your plant for nectar. This plant can easily survive the cold, harsh weather, as the structure of the plant allows it to gloom and stay even during snowfall. This plant gives its indigo coloured flowers on tall spikes with its lush green foliage. 

As you seem to love it more and more, this plant blooms during the early to mid-summer, while growing up to a height of 1-2 feet. Don’t worry about maintaining the plant, as it requires less maintenance. The only requirement of this plant is that it requires well-drained soil for proper growth.

4.      Tickseed

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Tickseed has gained its fame, as it is one of those plants with a long bloom period from summer to fall. This beautiful flower provides a variation in color to your home garden. This plant glooms bright yellow and orange blossoms, which can add delight to any garden no matter what so ever. 

This plant is great for cut flowers as it has a vase life of almost 5-6 days with regular change of vase water. 

The plant can survive and flourish under partial and full sunlight. Due to this reason, the plant can grow up to 1-2 feet in height while attracting birds to rest and dazzle around them. So with the help Flower Bouquet Delivery in Chennai  you can give a flower bouquet made of these flowers to your loved one.

5.      Coneflower

Don’t mistake this beautiful flower for being a daisy. This coneflower has grown in various colour variants depending on the type you purchase, and these flowering plants can bloom in pink, purple, red, and white colour variants. These flowers are great for gifting someone or even decorating them in your house. The flowers come with a vase life of 6-7 days with regular change of vase water. 

This welcoming plant, if planted in your garden, welcomes songbirds to dazzle around it and add to the beauty of your garden. 

All it requires is well-drained soil, and it can grow and flourish up to 1.5-5 feet in height. Moreover, with its long blooming period, it can gloom from mid-summer to early fall in your garden.

6.      Daylily 

This plant, on many occasions, is referred to as the perfect perennial because of long gardening life and low maintenance. This plant has the ability to grow in well-drained soil types up to a height of 0.5-3 feet. 

The flowers of daylily gloom in various colour shades such as pink, red, white, and yellow. 

This plant is ideal for attracting butterflies to your garden, as these love to be around them and dazzle with their beautiful wings in your garden and only adding to the beauty of your garden. 

Now we feel that you are well equipped to start gardening with the knowledge of the best gardening plants for your garden. Don’t wait, just grab your gear and start gardening.

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