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The Canadian Province of Ontario is colossal! It’s the size of a little country and to see everything requires months. (indeed, even years!) Luckily, we’ve visited a lot of our home regions and have gathered together the most famous spots to visit in Ontario. 

This rundown will help you plan your visit and ideally, it will acquaint you with a couple of spots you’ve never known about! 

It was difficult picking, we unquestionably left out numerous famous spots. So make certain to leave a remark with your decisions if we did exclude them. 


There are such countless spots to visit in Ontario, it’s hard to tell where to start. So we thought we’d beginning of this epic rundown with the more exceptional encounters and thoughts. 

Be that as it may, don’t stress, as you come, there are puts in and near Toronto and other metropolitan places. 

Regardless of where you are in Ontario, I am certain there is a spot to visit close to you! 


We have consistently thought about how exceptional Tobermory was. 

Its wrecks have pulled in us to its frosty waters since 2000 when we began scuba plunging. Yet, we never truly investigated its attraction to photographic artists until it grabbed the attention of Instagrammers. 

We used to have this excellent coast on the Bruce Peninsula all to ourselves. Today, you need to reserve a spot to see the turquoise waters shining in a cavern. 

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2. Vase ISLAND 

While you are in the area, Flowerpot Island is another famous spot to visit in Ontario. 

Situated in the Fathom Five National Marine Park of Tobermory, a spot we frequented while plunging when the new century rolled over (that sounds so strange to say, yet it was 20 years prior!) 

The columns and caverns of Flowerpot Island draw in explorers, joyriders, and boat visits to see the fascinating developments. 


Situated in the waterfront town of Wiarton, Wiarton Willy is Canada’s response to Punxsutawney Phil. 

Every February swarms assemble around this current groundhog’s home as he predicts whether it will be an early or pre-summer depending on the off chance that he sees his shadow or not. 

Willy has the remainder of the year off, and guests can fly by his home to make proper acquaintance! 


Squint and you’ll miss it, however, White River is popular for Winnie the Pooh. Even though it is little, White River is perhaps the most notorious spots to visit in Canada for a verifiable reference. 

The path back in 1914, a tracker shot a bear whelp’s mom and taken the offspring back to town to keep as a pet. 

A fighter experiencing White River via train purchased the bear whelp for $20 and carried it to Europe with him. 

At the point when his regiment was dispatched off to France to battle, the officer gave the bear to a zoo in England and that is the place where the bear experienced its life. 

Essayist A.A. Milne frequented the zoo and his child Christopher Robin preferred the bear giving it the epithet Pooh. “Along these lines, Winnie the Pooh was brought into the world in White River.” 


The Diefenbunker is unquestionably probably the quirkiest spot to visit in Ontario. 

This underground gallery was worked during the Cold War for Canada’s big cheeses to hide if there should be an occurrence of an atomic assault. 

Found deliberately outside of Ottawa, it was intended to withstand an atomic bomb. 

It resembles venturing once again into a period case as you visit old PC rooms, frightening living quarters, and even clinical rooms. 

Visiting the Deifenbunker causes you to understand that you wouldn’t have any desire to be the one called upon to live in hereafter an assault. I’d take my risks outside. 


Dave and I unearthed this strange wonder while cycling outside Toronto in Caledon years prior. No one was near and we never realized it existed at that point. 

Today, it’s famous for picture takers. It is a real estate parcel that resembles the Badlands of Alberta or South Dakota. 

Horrible natural practices were the consequence of uncovering this red piece of shale making a lunar-like scene. 


Canada loves the side of the road attractions. There’s the Big Apple in Colborne as you drive east on the 401 towards Montreal or Ottawa, there’s the Big Paddle in BC, and the Canada Goose of Wawa. 

In any case, my most loved one is the Big Nickel in Sudbury. 

Situated at the Dynamic Earth Science Museum (which is loads of fun) the Big Nickel was implicit in 1964 to honor the mining business of the zone. 

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It might seem like a conspicuous decision, yet for first-time guests to Ontario, this is a definitive spot to visit in the territory! 

Having been to Victoria, Iguazu, Gulfoss, and other significant cascades around the globe Niagara Falls truly piles facing the most awesome aspect of them! 

What makes Niagara Falls so extraordinary is the way that a city is worked around it. There are so many astonishing Niagara attractions, you can go through seven days exploiting all the experiences and landscape. 

While visiting Niagara Falls, make certain to head as it were and investigate Ontario’s wine area of Niagara on the Lake. 

Its notable midtown is a dazzling end of the week escape from Toronto. 


Canada’s Parliament Buildings are a top attraction to guests of Ottawa. 

Situated on Parliament Hill, these striking Gothic structures have overwhelmed Ottawa’s waterfront since 1859. 

They are a public noteworthy site in Canada and you can visit the structures, stroll around the grounds, and even demonstrate at a parliament meeting to keep an eye on the Prime Minister! 


You can’t miss visiting the CN Tower when in Toronto. It is one of Canada’s top attractions! 

The CN Tower once held the differentiation of the world’s tallest construction. Today it is the third most noteworthy pinnacle after the Tokyo Skytree in Japan and the Canton Tower in China. 

While it offers probably the best perspectives on Toronto it additionally has perhaps the best experience in Toronto! Get your adrenaline siphoning with the Edgewalk. 

You’ll stick to the outside of the design on the planet’s most noteworthy outer stroll on a structure. Indeed, even my father did the Edgewalk in his 70s, so you can do it as well! 


Stratford is a lovely town two hours from Toronto situated on the Avon River. 

It seems like a cut of old England with the Avon and Festival Theaters being the primary attract town displaying crafted by Shakespeare. 

While the performance center pulls in groups and entertainers from around the planet, it is likewise a beautiful town in Ontario to visit. 

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Another intriguing milestone to visit is Casa Loma in Toronto. Casa Loma is Ontario’s palace finished with concealed ways, corrals, and a wonderful nursery. 

Sir Henry Pallett started development in 1911. Be that as it may, on account of The Great Depression, World War I, and monetary challenges he lost the manor in 1923. 

It has been utilized as everything from an inn, to a dance club, and was even deserted for a little while. 

Today you can visit the château, appreciate top-notch food and high tea and a few customary occasions are occurring. 


Terry Fox is a public saint of Canada. In 1980, he began an excursion stumbling into Canada after losing a leg to malignancy. 

Unfortunately, his malignant growth returned during his run and he needed to stop mostly through in the town of Thunder Bay situated on the Trans Canada expressway. 

He was 143 days and 5,373 kilometers (3,339 miles) into his run and commemoration was raised in his honor at the area he needed to stop his excursion. 

His memory lives on and every year, there is a cause run in his name that happens the nation over fund-raising for malignancy research. 

At the point when you visit Thunder Bay, it wouldn’t be finished ceaselessly at this moving commemoration. 


The drive along the TransCanada Highway between Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay is unquestionably the most lovely in Ontario. 

While you are on that street, there is a stop that numerous individuals miss along the course. 

The antiquated Agawa Rock Petroglyphs were painted by the Ojibway People hundreds of years prior. 

You need to leave onto an outcrop while clutching rope to see them and it merits the experience! 

15. Record ISLANDS 

Discussing natural life experiences, the Slate Islands are one of the top spots to visit in Ontario for a remarkable untamed life experience. 

There is a group of forest caribou that occupy the island. 

Found 13km in Lake Superior, the Slate Islands are their little environment of plants and creatures. 

A weeklong outdoors trip is certainly an unquestionable requirement!

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