Boost Your WordPress SEO Score With Killer Strategy

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Are you an SEO agency in London? Need a strategy or tactics to improve your wordpress SEO game? We have got you. We know It’s always a challenge for an SEO agency to rank in the Search engines. We tried and experimented few tactics that helps rank your wordpress website.

First things first, SEO is key to the success of any website to rank organically on the search engine.When you have amazing SEO practices, these searchers help businesses convert leads to clients or subscribers.

Let us look at 7 tactics to improve the SEO strategy of your WordPress website.

1. Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking is a safe bet to increase your search engine ranking.

The best practice is to interlink the contents from your old blog posts to your new ones. But, make sure the content links are related to the subject. Irrelevant interlinking will prevent users coming back. The best practice is to put 3 internal links in each blog post.

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Boost Your WordPress SEO Score With Killer Strategy

Internal linking structure also helps bots navigate easily through your website. In addition, old blog contents get more traffic through internal linking. If you want a certain post to get a lot of traffic, then interlink it in multiple relevant blog posts.

2. Google Friendly URLs Strategy

As every SEO knows that URLs are important point for your landing page where reader/visitor read the URL and decide to click or not.

Keep your URL crisp and simple which clearly signals about the content of the blog post. It helps increase readability of the URL. Both machines and human users can understand the content of the blog post just by taking a glance at the URL.

Also, always try to secure your WordPress site. A secure site is much more compelling to the readers as they appear to be more trustworthy and genuine.

3. Social Media Presence Strategy

To make a website successful, the social media presence is a must. A lot of the time the search engine analysis of your WordPress website includes social media reactions from Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more interactions a website gains, the higher the rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Boost Your WordPress SEO Score With Killer Strategy
Boost Your WordPress SEO Score With Killer Strategy

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Keep your WordPress website active across all social media platforms by sharing. When visitors share your site or blog content, it attracts other genuine users. You can also integrate Facebook comments to your website easily.

Keep an eye out for spam comments on your website! Spam comments make you rank lower in SEO. Blocking spam comments is a must in these cases.

4. Image Optimisation Strategy

Average users only spend a few seconds on a website to grab their attention. A slow website is one thing all users dislike thus, search engines. When images are not optimized, it makes slows down the website.

So, always be careful about the size and quality of your images. Another useful habit is to add title tags and alt tags to any image you upload. When you upload an image with the right description, it helps search engines understand the context of the images.

You can easily optimize your WordPress images with some SEO plugins available. This is particularly important if your website has a lot of images to prevent it from lagging.

5. Add XML Sitemaps As Per Page Priority For SEO

An XML Sitemap is like a road map for all your website page links. It lists all the page URLs of your WordPress site. That way search engines can easily find your content structure which is important for your SERP ranking.

There are a few plugins like Yoast SEO that generate sitemaps automatically. To understand your website’s sitemap, you can type in the URL below after activating the option in the plugin:

6. Robots.txt – Google Crawl This First

Search engine bots often crawl into your page directories and index specific pages. This is sometimes harmful to your SEO. You can write a simple code to block this robots.txt or use a plugin to block specific parts of your site.

Keep in mind that when you are using a WordPress plugin there is no actual robots.txt file that exists in your installation directory. It creates a virtual robots.txt file in the directory.

7. SEO Plugins

Plugins can be efficient when it comes to providing guidelines on SEO. The three of the best WordPress SEO plugins at the moment are Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and SEO Ultimate. You can generate rich snippets, turn on auto-generation XML sitemap, and get suggestions on how to improve your meta tags, focus keywords and post description to improve your SEO score.

Understand that plugins are not the complete solution to get great SEO score. You would still need to analyze and choose what the best options to improve your SEO are. SEO sounds very complex but implementing these 7 tactics can easily help boost your search engine score. Google’s continuous updates further increase the difficulty to ensure a foolproof SEO strategy. However, the above mentioned are proven practices. Incorporate as many of these you can to improve your SEO score of your WordPress.

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