Can A Doctor Lose His License for Malpractice?

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When a doctor is found guilty of medical negligence and malpractice, many people believe that their license will get revoked. Different medical cases have different outcomes that decide whether the license of the doctor will be cancelled or not. Medical malpractice is when a doctor, hospital, and staff acts negligently in diagnosing, treating, and caring for a patient that is their main duty. A malpractice lawsuit is filed against a doctor who is found guilty of breaching his duty that has resulted in further damage to the health of the patient.

How Often a Doctor Is Sued for Malpractice

Suing medical practitioners for malpractice isn’t so uncommon in the UK as 60% people claimed to have sued a doctor once in their lived for malpractice according to the Medscape survey. Doctors are expected to be perfect and mindful of every action. However, mistakes happen by everyone human. Mostly, doctors agree on compensating the patient or their families for their negligence if they are real professionals. However, some practitioners or medical institutes denies all the charges where you’ll need to hire the best medical negligence solicitors near me. Plaintiffs settle these compensations outside of court unless complexities occur where the cases are taken to court.

Malpractice Lawsuit Doesn’t Revoke License

Getting sued for medical malpractice can be a devastating experience for a doctor who hasn’t willingly acted negligently. They may start to question their expertise, their value, and even get frustrated. While almost all the doctors have been sued once in their medical career, their license is not revoked. Malpractice lawsuit requires the doctor to only compensate the patient or the family for the financial loss, time, and emotional distress they have been through.

Reasons A Doctor Can Lose His License

 If you want to know what causes a doctor to lose his license, here are a few major reasons why doctors mostly get their licensed revoked.

Patient Abuse

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The level of trust between a doctor and a patient is very high and every doctor should respect that. When a patient comes to a doctor for treatment, and he tries to take advantage of the situation during the treatment, his license can be cancelled for verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the most common reasons why a doctor can lose his license. A doctor must remain truthful in his profession. However, making changes to the medical records, records of the insured patients, or sending the wrong codes to the insurance companies can have a drastic result for his career.

Unethical Behaviour

Unethical behaviour includes discriminating your patients based on their caste, religion, race, or gender. Doctors are expected to treat all their patients equally, which is why such behaviour is simply not tolerable and can result in license cancellation.

Prescription Violation

The prescription pad of a doctor gives him the power and responsibility to prescribe the needed medicine to his patients. If a doctor is found misusing his authority by prescribing unneeded medications, the license board will immediately revoke his practicing license.

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