Can You Slow Cook In An Oven?

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The concept of slow cooking is not new and it finds its roots in the invention of the Crock-Pot back in 1936. Though the cooking method is old it is still popular since slow cooking does not involve any danger of overcooking and burning, also it retains all the taste, flavors, and juiciness of the food. Many recipes ask for slow cooking especially the one which involves meat. While you have been struggling to find a slow cooker or a crockpot, let us reveal that you already have a slow cooker in your kitchen and that is your oven.

I Can Cook Slow in an Oven – Right?

Yes, you read that right, you can easily substitute crockpot in all slow cooking recipes with your oven. There are many ovens which now offer relatively slow temperature setting which is up to 150 or 175 degrees, hence you can easily do your slow cooking in your oven. The main point here is that by oven we mean Dutch oven, cast iron ovens, or rack ovens, not the microwave oven. You can roast, braise or bake your food which is famous for slow cooking techniques and involve minimum effort and equipment.

Iron Cast Dutch Rack Oven

The heavy iron cast Dutch rack oven is ideal because it let you set minimum cooking temperature providing optimum heat throughout the cooking period. In a Dutch oven, you do not need to make any change in the recipe of the slow cooker. Just follow the same recipe and place your ingredients in the Dutch oven as you would have done in a slow cooker. Leave your oven on for the whole day or overnight as prescribed in the recipe and your food is ready to rock the dinner.

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To braise your meat using a conventional oven, you need a bigger oven resistant bowl to create a water bath. Using a water bath the temperature won’t go beyond its boiling point and hence your meat will simmer, retaining all moisture and flavor and producing tender meat at the end. Braising is an important technique as the temperature won’t rise above the boiling point of water and will help you to maintain an optimum temperature throughout cooking.

Though the other two techniques; roasting and baking are different but can be achieved through the oven as well. These two slow cooking techniques require a little loss of moisture to maintain a balance between flavor and moisture. These techniques result in a crispier outer side and a tender inside. You can opt for slow roasting for meat with a decent amount of fat or whole chickens.

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Last Words

Slow cooking is a great way of enjoying tasty and juicy meals without making much effort. Slow cooking also helps you make budget recipes and is one of the friendliest cooking methods. The most important thing in slow cooking is preparing your meat and seasoning it to get some extra delicious taste. Try out the above methods to slow cook your dish for your next family dinner.

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