Celebrate This Christmas In Italian Tradition With The Best Food

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Christmas is just 3 months away and this is the best time to start preparing for the biggest occasion for Christians. If you are celebrating it the Italian way then you should begin now.

Christmas A Family Occasion

Christmas is celebrated all over the world but it has a special significance of celebrating in Italy because the Vatican City is in Rome the capital city of Italy. So Christmas is celebrated as a family in full tradition by praying and eating especially Fregola Sarda Pasta.

Prayer On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the most important time next to Christmas day because on the midnight of 24th and 25th December; Jesus Christ was born. Special prayers and exchange of gifts are a part of the religious traditions to give thanks to the Lord for the birth of Jesus Christ.

What Are The Italian Food Traditions?

Before Christmas Day people are restricted to eat met as a part of the fast for several days. But on Christmas Day the Italian dishes consist of meat and other ingredients.

Festival Of Seven Fishes On Christmas Eve

This tradition of eating fish is most popular in the southern regions of Italy where the seafood is in abundance. As news travelled of its popularity; it became a Christmas tradition all over the world.

Special Lunch On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day the Italian meal consists of a wide variety of meats. As the Christians have to fast and not eat meat at all; so they celebrate the day with dishes made from meat.

Fregola Sarda Pasta On 26th December

On the 26th of December, another day is added to the celebration and on this day Fregola Sarda Pasta that can be purchased from stores like Sogno Toscano is made for family and friends.

Keeping The Italian Tradition In Mind

When you are deciding to have Christmas celebrations in the typical Italian tradition; you have to maintain the values and style of cooking and food as well. Everything must be according to Italian culture and customs.   

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All Food Served In Conventional Italian Style

Whether you are preparing for the feast of the Seven Fishes, Christmas day or for the 26th December; the meal structure has to be like the Italians do in Italy.


This course consists of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; with small amounts of light food so that the stomach is prepared. This s called Aperitivo in the Italian meal tradition.


The antipasto can have a wide range of ingredients that are served like a variety of cheese, raw or cooked vegetables and cured meats. This can be eaten by forks or even fingers.


This is called the first course but not the main one. Fregola Sarda recipes are the main dishes included in this course.


This is the main course of the meal structure in which the meal is heavy consisting of meat and its other varieties.


Contorno can be considered side dishes or salads that you usually see in buffets. You have a clear option of omitting it but having it can be a plus point.


Sweet dishes in Italy are known as dolce and you have the choice of selecting from any of the regions of Italy.


At the end of the meal, the small quantity of coffee is served to digest all of the food that is eaten. Although Fregola Sarda Pasta is not a heavy food item but the other dishes can become heavy on the stomach.

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