Charcoal vs. Gas Grill: What Are the Differences?

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Statistics show that 3 out of 4 Americans own a grill. Are you hoping to join that growing number? If so, then the first thing you need to do is understand what type of grill you need.

But, what’s the difference when it comes to charcoal vs. gas grill options? Does it really matter which one you buy?

The answer for any skilled grill master is a resounding ‘yes!’ The type of grill you buy will impact everything from cooking time to the flavor of your cooked food.

If you’re not experienced, then it makes sense to learn about your options. That way, you’ll be sure to make a wise investment. Read on to learn the main differences and similarities between these two types of grills.

What’s a Charcoal Grill?

A charcoal grill is an outdoor cooking unit. As the name suggests, its main source of fuel is burning charcoal.

To use this type of grill, you’ll first need to secure some charcoal. If your grill isn’t new, then you’ll also need to remove any old ash from the last cooking session. Next, use a wire brush to clean off your grill grates. Be careful not to leave any sharp wires behind!

Pro tip: heat up your grill gates before cooking to create a non-stick surface! From there, it’s time to add in your coals. Center them into a mound, add lighter fluid, and then light them up.

Once those coals turn grey, it’s time to cook!

What’s a Gas Grill?

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A gas grill is another outdoor cooking device, but it uses gas rather than charcoal. All you’ll need to do is get a propane tank, turn the ignition knob, and get to cooking!

The best part about this grill is temperature control. You can turn the knob if you need it hotter or cooler.

Explaining the Differences

Both charcoal and gas grills get used for outdoor cooking. The different fuel source makes a huge difference, though. Here are the main differences you’ll notice:

  • Charcoal grills take longer to heat up
  • Charcoal grills take longer to set up
  • A gas grill preserves the food’s natural flavor
  • A charcoal grill gives food a smokier flavor
  • Charcoal grills are low-maintenance
  • Gas grills are easier to clean up
  • Gas grills are safer but may need more maintenance

Of course, different fuel sources will have different prices, too. Gas grills often cost more at first, but charcoal costs will add up over time. Gas grills are more customizable, too.

You should view more types of custom gas grills to get a better idea of what yours could look like.

Charcoal VS. Gas Grill: Which Will You Choose?

Now, you know all about charcoal vs. gas grill options. Use your knowledge to empower yourself to make a good choice for yourself and your family.

The increase in extreme weather and widespread power outages makes a grill a good choice in 2022. It’s an alternative method of cooking when you don’t have power.

Are you looking for more tips, advice, and content to help you get through 2022? If so, then you’re in the best place to learn and grow. Head over to our main blog page now to see more of our favorite content.

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