Check Rooms Before Moving Into Houses For Rent Perth

Check Rooms Before Moving Into Houses For Rent Perth
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Whenever you buy or own a second-hand item; what is the most important thing you note? It is the proper working of the product and also whether it is damaged or in perfect working condition. At many times even the new things need to be inspected for any loss.

You have to be extra careful when you want to move into Houses for Rent Perth. The landlords sometimes superficially do the repairs which after a while start to show the real damages done to the property. So you have to carefully check each and every corner of the house before you move in.

Types of Houses for Rent Perth:

You will find a diversified variety of house styles scattered all around Australia. The houses are designed from the period when the first English settlements came to Australia. Since then the architecture of these houses changed as time passed by and finally the modern style was introduced. Most of the pre-modern houses have maintained the design of their respective era.

Check Rooms Before Moving Into Houses For Rent Perth
Check Rooms Before Moving Into Houses For Rent Perth

Victorian Style:

This is the most commonly found style of houses which were built in the period when Queen Victoria reigned over England.  The houses have their style just like that of building found in Oxford and Cambridge. In this era, the houses were mainly for the workers with a simple structure.

Edwardian Architecture:

The typical Edwardian architecture used red bricks in the house with woodcraft. Another special feature of this period was that the houses had long chimneys and it sustained the simple cottage design of the Victorian era.

Bangalow Californian Design:

During and after the 1st World War the structure of the houses newly built changed altogether. These buildings were influenced but the bungalows of California. Brightly colour paints replaced the darker ones previously applied.

Post World War II:

After the 2nd World War, there was an increase in the demand for houses for the soldiers because they preferred to have their families with them. The houses specially designed with a single storey. As these were constructed in large masses; modern and more efficient materials were used.

21st Century Architecture:

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Up till now the architecture of the houses was almost the same but the difference was in the use of materials. But after the 1950s the style of these houses took a 360-degree turn and changed in the design, style and structure altogether. The single storey added new floors, the triangular roofs became flat and size of the windows stretched full in length.

Check these Rooms before Moving in:

As discussed in the beginning you check each and every corner of the house when you are moving into a rental house. It is up to you to fully inspect the house yourself or hire a professional team like Stop Renting Perth to take a thorough look at the house.

The Living Room:

The living room is the one area which is the most exposed of all. Most of the work is done in this particular room. You have to check the overall structure for whether it is built with strong material or not. The wear and tear of the walls and ceiling are important because the strength of the whole building depends on it. The fixing of lights is crucial as to if they are fitted well in the walls and sockets.

Inspect the Kitchen:

If you are dealing with rent to buy a house in which the electrical appliances are already installed then you have to make sure that they are in proper working condition with no problem. The tiles, counter slabs and the sink must be placed correctly. You don’t want to fill up your kitchen with smoke so it is important to check out the exhaust. The cupboards and the cabinets should not be loose as it can be the cause of an accident.


As you must know that water can be damaging to the structure of the house if it penetrates into the floors and walls. These two things must not be damaged in any way otherwise water can seep into the cracks. Make sure that the bathroom accessories are in proper working order any kind of leakage can cost you time and money afterwards.

Check the Bedrooms:

The second most time spent place is your bedroom. It is vital you are satisfied with the checking of the bedroom. The fitting of the windows and doors must be perfect. In addition to this, the drawers of the cupboards and other furniture are well organized.

The Front and Back Lawn:

Although they are not rooms but is a part of the house but checking them should be a part of the plan. Ti may happen that the land on which the land is constructed has problems like toxic materials in the soil which can damage the growth of vegetation.

Attic and Basement Check:

The last two locations to check in Houses for Rent Perth are the basement and the attic. The structure of the whole house becomes when there is a basement but through different techniques, it can be made strong so see whether the safety measures are taken. Any damage in the attic will be damaging as during the rainy season water can come inside; inspect that the attic is well constructed.

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