Chunky Silver Jewellery: What To Wear With It

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You won’t need us to tell you that chunky silver jewellery is in fashion right now, as we see this slinky style everywhere we look. If you are looking for the right garments to complement chunky silver jewellery, here are a few ideas:

  • Ripped Denim – Faded denim goes great with chunky silver jewellery. A nice statement piece necklace would go well with an open-neck denim shirt and faded, ripped jeans with a silver belt; put on a few silver bangles to complete the look. You can also look like a rock star with a pair of Ray Bans or Aviators and lots of chunky silver jewellery.
  • Black Velvet Jacket & Pants – Black is perfect to complement sterling silver, and a semi-formal business suit is perfect for that cocktail party. You could go the whole 9 yards and wear a trilby hat and be the life of the party. Experiment with the chunky jewellery you already have or search online for slick designer silver bangles for women from a leading jewellery shop near you.
  • Woollen Cardigan & Straight Jeans – Wear a chunky necklace on the outside of your shirt and a thick woollen cardigan, with a beanie for added warmth. You can also wear oversize silver bangles on the outside of your sleeves. This is a perfect look for those cold winter walks through the park. Ugg boots are making a comeback this winter, so dig out that old pair or order from an online supplier. Google Images as well as Pinterest can bring you some wardrobe inspiration, so feel free to browse through them.
  • Urban Street Look – An oversize gingham check shirt, with corduroy jeans and hiking boots, makes for a great casual city outfit. A chunky silver bracelet or two would complement the outfit. Wear a few rings and a pair of sterling silver earrings, and you’ll look like you walked off a movie set. Don’t forget to bring along a shoulder bag to stash all your stuff, and you are the urban trendsetter for 2022.

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  • Animal Print Jumpsuit – This would be all the rage in 2022 and would also be next year. It will be great for chunky silver jewellery of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to add to your chunky silver jewellery collection, there are some fantastic online retailers of sterling silver jewellery, from eye-catching earrings to statement necklaces and chunky bracelets.
  • Cocktail Dress – Why can’t you wear chunky jewellery with a cocktail dress? Put on that LBD and experiment in front of a mirror and believe it or not, women have been seen wearing sneakers with a cocktail evening dress!

Chunky silver jewellery looks like it is here to stay, so make sure you add pieces to your collection on a regular basis. Inexpensive and fun to wear, the rugged look is still with us and will be for a few more years.

Order some special sterling silver polish to keep your chunky jewellery looking brand-new and buff it up with a dry, soft cloth. This avoids tarnishing, which can make silver jewellery look dull and your accessories will always shine.

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