Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switch: Fixed Stackable GE Switch

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The Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switch is the first fixed, stackable GE switches to merge wired and wireless in a single platform, making a positive customer inclusion with any workspace. The met system gives a lone platform to wired and wireless, network-wide detectable quality for faster troubleshooting, solid security and nature of administration control, most outrageous adaptability with brisk stateful recovery, and scale with the dispersed wired and distant data plane. Also, like a switch, the Cisco 3850 is the best stackable switch in the business.

Configuration of Switch

The Cisco 3850 Series Switches are available in LAN Base, IP Base, and IP Services highlight sets. All switches transport with a default AC power supply. A DC power supply can be purchased as a choice or extra. The base switch bars any access points licenses.

The Catalyst 3850 switch gives the most noteworthy information and power and wireless quality using:

Cisco StackWise-480 Technology

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Cisco StackWise-480 technology depends on the significantly productive industry-driving Cisco Stack Wise development. The StackWise-480 with 480 Gbps of stacking move speed uses Cisco IOS Stateful Switchover (SSO) for giving flexibility inside the stack. The stack goes about as a singular trading unit that is administered by a working change looked over one of the part switches. The dynamic switch makes and updates all the trading, controlling, and distant tables. In an event of the dynamic part disillusionment, the reinforcement part acknowledges the activity of the dynamic switch, continuing to keep the stack operational.

The Catalyst 3850 Series supports Cisco StackPower advancement, a creative power interconnect system that allows the power supplies in a stack to be shared as a regular resource among associated switches. Cisco StackPower unites the individual power supplies installed in the switches and makes a pool of power, coordinating that power where it is required.

Combination of Wireless + Wired

The 3850 is the chief fixed stackable platform that joins wired and wireless services on a Cisco IOS XE Software-based platform. The CAPWAP burrows from the end of the sections at the 3850 switch, enabling customers to design and apply programming features, for instance, QoS, security, and FnF across wired ports and wireless SSIDs on a comparative switch all the while.

The Cisco 3850 is equipment prepared for supporting Cisco TrustSec usefulness. Cisco TrustSec uses the device and customer capabilities obtained during a check for requesting the packages by security bundles as they enter the framework. The portrayal is kept up through the framework by the security bunch tag (SGT). The Catalyst 3850 is in like manner equipment arranged for the connection layer MACsec encryption.

Application Control and Visibility With the local assistance for FnF on all the ports, the Cisco 3850 can screen both east-west and north-south wired traffic at the same time. The 3850 switch closes the remote CAPWAP tunnels from the passage, giving full detectable quality into the remote traffic at the switch. Since the remote traffic is directly clear at the switch, it is possible to perceive remote traffic using FnF and organize the traffic using advanced QoS abilities.

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