Creative Ways To Celebrate A Birthday

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Birthdays are just the occasions where we would just love to spend time with our loved ones and friends but looking at the prevailing conditions it feels as if it is not possible for a long time in future so we have a few ideas that you can consider for a celebration your birthday this year. If you have someone who is in another town and you just want to wish them a happy birthday this year then you can always send flowers to patna.

Celebrating birthday just gives us the happiness that we are missing but the social distancing being around it is just hard to have a party at one’s house while maintaining a distance from everyone and enjoying for ourselves. This leads us to be alone on our birthday or if you have someone who has their birthday during these times, they are also just wondering about what can they do for themselves while being stuck at their places.
You don’t have to worry for a while you must be feeling that it is just impossible for you all celebrate a birthday this year but we have the ideas for you which you can consider and those ideas will involve social distancing as well:


You can always go for the zoom happy hour where you can tell the friends and family member who are far from you and just sit on a Zoom call with them and celebrate your birthday with them being around, there won’t be much loneliness as they can always sing the “happy birthday” song while being far as well. you will enjoy that and if you wish to keep the video call for the family and friends separately then you can also do that just make sure that the time that you have chosen is compatible with their schedule as well.


You can always send some desserts on their birthday through cake delivery along with flower delivery in chandigarh . This is another way to celebrate quite creatively, you can also celebrate your birthday in this way and just cut the cake on the Zoom call, this will just be perfect as it will cater your sweet tooth as well and you are not missing on the birthday tradition, if you are ordering a cake for your significant other than you can go for the red velvet cake other than that you can go for a chocolate or a black forest cake as this cake will just go with your relatives birthdays as well and does not connote anything romantically.


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You can always download the Netflix party extension and just set a time for you and your friends where you all will be able to watch the same movie the whole time and this will let you chat as well as it has the provision for that as well. it will be fun for all of you to watch a movie together on your birthday and will be a change for you as well.


You are unable to open a bottle of champagne on their birthday with them you can always get it delivered to their doorstep and get a bottle for yourself as well you can always celebrate it virtually and it will be just as realistic as the birthday that you all celebrate together as well.


Since they can’t go out but you can just gift them the masterpieces of nature which just keep them jolly while expressing what you feel for them as well. you just have to order flowers online and just gift the blooms to the. If you are romantically involved with someone then you can go for the red tulips, red roses other than that you can always send yellow roses to convey your friendship and admiration through the pink roses.


Another creative way to celebrate a birthday is through the video that you can create for them. as friends or their significant other we have a lot of video of ours together and it just so happens that all these videos can be compiled and we can just send them this and just look at their face which is just radiating from the happiness that is there.

You can always send flowers, chocolates and teddy bears through, you just have to order from bloomsvilla and all these will reach their destination fresh. If you think that you are getting late then you can always opt for the same day delivery and just remind them that you are always there with them through everything.

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