Debunking the Most Common Roof Repair Myths That Exist Today

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Don’t believe you need roof repair at the moment? Now, that’s where you might be wrong! There are many roof repair myths online and offline.

Roof repair myths are responsible for why most homeowners often look the other way and prolong acquiring the roof repair service they need. As a result, homeowners spend more money fixing the problem that they could have otherwise prevented. This often leads to accidents and more damages, costing a lot of time and cash.

If you want to know the myths, read on to uncover hidden truths that can prevent you from committing such costly mistakes. So, here’s a list of roofing repair myths and the truth behind them:

You Don’t Need Roof Repair If There’s No Water Leak

Most homeowners believe they only need roof repair when there’s an obvious water leak. While water leak is a common roofing problem, there are minor damages that most people miss.

For one, granules falling down your gutter are too small to spot and often mistaken as dust. In reality, these granules may be from your roofs, which indicates that it’s tearing away. When left unattended, not only will it lead to water damage, but it will also clog your downspout.

As such, stay ahead of roof damages by consulting with professionals. Only professional roofers can diagnose your roof’s condition, as they have the experience and knowledge of roofing.

Regular Roof Inspection Are a Waste of Money

A regular roof inspection is vital in maintaining a healthy roof condition. It will help you uncover minor vulnerabilities on your roof, allowing you to act immediately on the problem immediately. This prevents further damages that may cost you more than the roof inspection itself.

Thus, instead of looking at roof inspection as a waste of money, look at it as an investment. You’re wading off the need for expensive roof repair in the future, which saves you money in the long run.

The required number of roof inspections in the roofing industry is twice per year. However, it’s recommended that you seek the services of a local roofing company after severe weather conditions. This includes storms, heavy rain, or hail, as your roofs are most vulnerable to such events.

Newly installed roofs are no exemption to weather damages. Thus, if you want your roof to last, schedule an annual inspection.

You Should Only Replace Flashing When You Replace the Whole Roof

Your roof flashing protects vulnerable parts of your roof from possible water damage. It also helps preserve your venting pipes located under the roofing material.

When your flashing material gets damaged, your roofs become vulnerable to moisture formation and eventually leak. This is why flashing replacement is not only limited to when you replace your roofing system.

Stay ahead and get your flashing inspected by the best roofers in town. When recommended, replace your flashing to avoid the need for another roof repair.

You Can Save Money If You Install New Shingle Over Old Ones

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Most homeowners try to save money by skipping the shingle removal work. Instead, they choose to place new shingles over old ones. While this is possible, remember that such a method is not recommended, as it’s considered a short fix.

One negative consequence is that you won’t be able to check the condition of the sheathing. Issues such as deterioration due to age and water leaks may be hiding beneath your roof.

If you fail to spot it early and fix the issues, it won’t be long until you need to call the best roofing company. Furthermore, there’s a limit to how much weight your roof structure can sustain.

If you install another layer, you’ll be putting too much weight on your roof. This can result in extensive damage, such as a roof collapse. As you know, this inevitably means more expensive roof repair and replacement costs.

Hiring Roof Repair Company Is Very Expensive

Homeowners associate roof repair with the phrase “very expensive.” Such prevents them from taking action to protect and repair their roof.

However, repair costs depend on various factors. This includes the extent of damages and how long it takes to repair the damage. Thus the key to an affordable roof repair is to go with a reputable roofing company.

An experienced roofer will be able to identify and fix the problem within a short period. Doing so will help you save money, as it leads to lower labor charges, reducing your overall bill.

It’s Cheaper to Do Roof Repair Yourself

This is the biggest myth on roofing repair that you need to correct, as it’s more expensive. For one, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of how the complex roofing system work. Only then will you be able to accurately identify the problem and come up with an effective solution.

Most homeowners lack such knowledge, which causes misdiagnosis. As such, they’ll likely apply the wrong type of roofing.

Even if they were to identify the correct problem, they lack enough expertise and experience. This often leads to mistakes that can lead to more damages, resulting in wasted time, material, effort, and high repair costs.

Safety is another important concern to be mindful of going for DIY roof repairs. The lack of proper training and experience may lead to accidents, especially if you’re working on steep-pitched roofs. There’s also the risk of touching electrical wirings, tripping, or falling off.

Furthermore, opting to repair the roof yourself may nullify your roof’s warranty. Most warranties for roofing systems indicate that the warranty will end if anyone other than certified roofers works on your roof. As such, it’s best to contact a commercial roofing company when you need roof repair.

Save Yourself From Higher Repair Cost and Get Your Roof Repaired Now!

Don’t let these myths stop you from acquiring roof repair services. The best way to stay ahead of costly roof repair is to avoid falling for hearsays.

Choose to consult a professional roofer and base your action on their expert opinion. This prevents further damages and stops you from wasting both your time and effort.

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