Designing a Patio: A Guide for Homeowners

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Did you know that people spend about 14 hours a week outside in the United States? 

Spending time outside can be relaxing if you have a cleaned-up yard that is ready to entertain. If you want to improve your outdoor space, you should consider getting a patio. 

Continue reading to discover the most important factors to consider when designing a patio! 

Select Your Patio Material

When it comes to designing a patio, you will have to decide on the material you want to use.

Common residential patio materials include wood, stone, and concrete. You can also get vinyl or brick patios, depending on what will match your home the best. Check out to see which patio styles catch your eye. 

Know the Purpose of Your Patio 

By understanding the purpose of your home patio, you can figure out many other details. 

If the purpose of your patio is to connect your home with your pool, you will need to work with certain companies. Some people prefer that they have a smaller and more intimate-sized patio that will hold a small table and a few chairs. 

If you are planning to host parties where people can gather outside, keep this in mind when coming up with the design. 

Think About the Shape & Size 

The shape and size of your patio will largely depend on how much space you have to work within the yard.

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If you have a smaller yard, you will want to stick with a small patio that won’t eat away all of your grass space. Many people try to install square or rectangle-shaped patios because they look more proportionate in the yard. You can also outline the patio wavy to allow more space for landscaping and playing on the grass.

Set a Budget

When designing a patio for your home, one of the first things that you should do is create a budget.

By creating a budget, you will design something affordable to you and won’t leave your wallet empty. A budget will also come in handy when you are working with contractors and deciding on prices. Take the materials and size of the patio into consideration when coming up with your numbers. 

Plan Landscaping 

If you want the focal point of your backyard to be the patio, you should also consider landscaping.

Many people are designing their patios with their landscaping ideas in mind. This helps bring the entire yard together and will focus on nature. You can section out a part of your patio so that you can put a vegetable or flower garden right next to where people will be sitting. 

Designing a Patio You Love 

There are many things to consider when designing a patio for your home. 

After you set a realistic budget, you can begin planning all of the details for your backyard patio. Since there are so many materials that you can use, you will be able to customize your patio to your liking. Not only can you incorporate a unique design, but you can also plan for specific landscaping as well. 

Don’t be afraid to get guidance when planning out your patio design, as help can go a long way. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about a home patio and how to enjoy your time outside! 

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