Does Everyone Have an Eating Disorder?

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When it comes to eating disorders, you can’t tell if you are just hungry or are experiencing stress-related overeating. However, we see many people going from eating more than they need to and end up gluttonous. So does everyone have eating disorders? Or maybe everyone is prone to having one? Keep on reading to find out.

Diagnosing Eating Disorders:

To see if everyone has an eating disorder, we must first see the clues one can find for diagnosing eating disorders.

Mood Changes

If someone is having eating disorders, then there are high chances that they may be experiencing mood swings, avoid social contact and put themselves in isolation.  There can be a sudden change in the person’s routine that may appear not normal. You might find them absent from social gathering and late-night functions and places like the gym will become a no go area for them. They may also become extremely sensitive to minor things and can be agitated without you knowing. Keep in mind, these are also symptoms of anxiety and depression and is therefore closely related to eating disorder.

Adding Condiments to Food

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There has not been a claimed research on this but studies have shown that people with eating disorders may add a lot of condiments to their food. They will like condiments that have the most flavour and the least amount of calories. Especially on foods like pizza. Speaking of which, check out these top quality pizza takeaways near me.

Obsession with Fitness Trackers Or Apps.

Most people with eating disorders know what they are doing in not normal therefore they try to find shortcuts to get rid of the effects of their problem. But in doing this they may rely too much on very specific routines or devices like fitness trackers or fitness apps.


People with eating disorders tend to do a lot of exercises. They may overdo it and eat even lesser which means that the body is already running on fumes and obsessive exercising exhausts it further thereby worsening the condition. Doing exercises for a longer-term without proper nutrition triggers more obsessions and the person is stuck in a vicious cycle of obsessive behaviour.

Does Everyone Have Eating Disorders?

So does everyone have some kind of eating disorder? The answer is not likely. Not everyone has to find ways to control their diet because they feel out of control of their life. Not everyone suffers from continuous anxiety from having a meal or before a meal. It doesn’t happen with everyone that they pass through some extreme form of guilt yet they seem completely fine by escaping that through eating a lot.

Normal people have normal emotions and it is in rare cases that they experience emotional outbursts. While people with eating disorders experience emotions differently. Either they can’t handle their emotions which may not be affected due to any physical condition or they have too much emotional stimulus that meanings of things like anxiety, depression, stress, and exhaustion mean a whole lot different for them.

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