E-Learning – The Future Of Learning Skills

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For years, our ancestors and parents only learned through others’ experiences and family rituals. Classrooms once had a blackboard, and students once had nothing but slates to write on. Technology then came in and changed the entire learning game. The most technologically advanced schools and colleges then availed desktops and laptops to work on and research, and the use of the internet became the base of teaching and learning. The most revolutionary advancement though, in the education system has to be E-Learning.

Several applications and formalized teaching resources are now making education feasible to students, in the form of this online education system, with no bar regarding their age, location, educational background, or even their standard of living/status in the world. Whether you are a student, an employee, a mother, a retired person; there is something for each one. And a lot of benefits are being taken by students and dropouts. There are online courses from learning a new language, improving your hand at a musical instrument, cooking, and styling to photography, computer skills, Finance, distance education, and even an MBA. These courses educate you, certify you, add to your resume, train you, and not just that, they mainly develop several of your skills. Given below is a list of skills and how you can develop them the right way, through the miracle called E-Learning.

Time management:

As they always say, “Time is money.” And online education makes you realize just that. With the E-Learning opportunities available today, courses give students the curriculum and a suggested timetable for scheduling their lessons, along with some deadlines. While like real classrooms, no teachers are standing on your head all the time, you sure have students doing the course at the same time as you, and a few deadlines for assignments and tests. These will motivate you to manage time and learn the responsible way, getting your money’s worth. Money is another thing you are saving on because it is much less expensive than real-time college courses. It will, in the long term, teach the students better time management skills.

Rapport and interpersonal skills:

With many other students doing the same course at the same time as you, there are certainly more interactions and discussions that lead to rapport building and sharing your views and getting to know others’ views, helping you build a rapport. This helps form great interpersonal skills with people around the world.

 Decision making:

Most courses in E-Learning don’t just focus on the academic part of the lessons but also actively make you work on making decisions through tests and scenarios. This will help you strengthen your decision-making skills and learn from your mistakes.


While rapport building is good for your basic communication, it is also true that not everyone opens up easily. Students tend to only focus on what they are there for, which is, learning the particular course. These courses online have activities and tasks that students have to perform in groups, making it a point that they don’t just get involved but also develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

Working on self, to excel in the field:

With feedback and reviews on their work right at the click of a button, students can get a detailed understanding of their strengths, where they fall weak, and the areas where they need to focus more. Record keeping can help them understand how better they have gotten since when they first started.

With tests and constructive criticism by the trainers in E-Learning, students can work on themselves and try to be better in their field of interest and excel in the skills they want to develop. This can help boost their self-esteem and give them a reality check at the same time.

Community building:

When students learn with a bunch of other students and get trained by the experts, they tend to be proactive about finding their like-minded community within. This will become their network of professionals they can collaborate with or learn and get inspired from and serve as a contact-building strategy in their careers.


Several students who have had a degree in a particular field and do the same basic 9-5 job, need a push to get a better position and get into the stream of their choice, and online education can be just that. With E-Learning, students get an opportunity to get into that stream and get advanced, more detailed, and focused training in that particular line. Upskilling will help them become trained experts in their careers and accelerate their growth. People who could not pursue further studies, like Masters in their field, can take advantage of this as a way of distance education while carrying on with their jobs.

Advancement in adapting to new technology:

Many people are interested in learning every new technology that comes out and become a pro at it. But for many others like us, who either don’t take that first step towards learning or are just too busy with other commitments and chores, E-Learning can prove to be a boon. Throughout the courses, students have to learn to adapt to various applications and software that support their learning process, and on the way, also become acquainted with these technologies themselves.

Here is a list of a few of the many professional skills one can develop through E-Learning:

·         Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel

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·         Learn languages

·         Distance courses for master certification

·         Photography skills

·         YouTube

·         Photoshop

·         Technical and creative writing

·         Project Management

·         Personal Finance

·         Accounting

·         Digital Marketing

·         Copywriting

·         Ethical Hacking

·         Culinary skills

·         Fashion designing and styling

·         Visual merchandising

·         Self-grooming and makeup

·         Media and journalism

·         Public speaking

·         Personality development

·         Human Resources

·         Management

Business and startups/Entrepreneurship This is a list of skills you can learn and develop through E-Learning. However, there is a myriad of other subjects and skills you can work on by learning from online classes. The invention of the internet has given us many gifts and benefited in a cluster of ways but E-Learning has to be one of the most rewarding and helpful ways, which works by making your life more convenient and you, more well-read.

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