Economic Bathroom Designs: Ideas for Freestanding Baths

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Making a budget for your bathroom remodelling can be taxing, considering the trends and wanting to incorporate all of them. Moreover, as bathrooms have become more of a space for rejuvenation and not just a practical zone, you may also wish to include comfort in the designs.

Hence, keeping all the factors in mind, you can search for economical designs and ideas for your bathroom. And incorporating a good looking yer cheap freestanding baths maybe another dream of yours. If so, you have come to the right place for ideas and designs.


Create Contrast

A simple freestanding bath with contrasting furniture and bathroom accessories can be perfect for the economical bathroom design. You can use a high-contrast colour and give it an enticing appeal. And if your bathtub is a lighter shade, for example, white, then make your furniture, vanity, and basin darker, for example, black.

Moreover, black and white is an evergreen combo. Hence, these colours can make the space soothing, and they can withstand time and trends.

Expert tip: To play with the colours a little more, you can add artificial flowers or plants to your bathroom, and you can place a vase near your bathtub.

A Unique Shape

Something that adds uniqueness to your freestanding bathtub is its unique shape. Since no surface supports the bathtub, it can have intriguing edges. And you can customise the bathtub, giving it a carved texture resembling that of a precious stone. Alternatively, you can also find unconventional shapes for your freestanding bathtubs in any local store around you or online.

Sometimes, neither the hardware, furniture, nor the light fixtures can bring the bath its uniqueness. What creates the bling is the bathtub itself.

Expert tip: The shape of the bath can also be accentuated with the texture or the finish. For that, if you choose a shape that has several edges, choose a glossy surface. Likewise, if you decide oval or any other shape with a lack of edges, go for matte to translate a royal feel.

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Separate the Shower and Bathtub

The concept of a freestanding bathtub only makes sense if it is truly secluded from the other hardware of the bathtub. Hence, do not clutter the bathtub in the shower area, or the appeal of the freestanding bathtub may get hazy. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to save space, you may try other options of bathtubs.

Expert tip: In a small bathroom, separating the shower and the bathtub can be difficult. Thus, you can make an ovular bathtub and eliminate the extra space it may take up.

Clawfoot It

Are you looking for a modern touch yet linger in the classic feel? Then the clawfoot bathtub can do the magic for you. You can bring your bathroom a modern look with a hint of the classics.

Expert tip: Choose a different colour for the clawfoot. For instance, if your bathtub is white, choose black for the clawfoot.

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Make It Bold

You may go with the ideology  “go big or go home”. For many people, a bold bathroom is a perfect match! And if you’re going with a maximalist designing style, go wild in picking the colour for your bathtub. It could be green, red, pink, orange, purple, or any shape you desire. And, design the rest of your bathroom accordingly; you can add figments of the colour of your bathtub in a pattern. It could be a painting that matches the bathtub or something entirely up to your imagination. Making it bold is making it your style, with your uniqueness.

Expert tip: Choose a colour and a pattern throughout the bathroom that matches to bring it the bold touch.

Finding good looking yet cheap freestanding baths is an easy task for you. However, styling the bathroom with the freestanding bath can be challenging. Although now that you have collected all the ideas, you will know how to style your bathroom.

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