Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi

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In this day and age, we cannot hope to survive without the internet and hence nearly everyone has a router installed in their homes. But, what people don’t understand is that if the default settings of the router remain unchanged then it could lead to some serious problems so Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi. There are a few ways by which you can secure your network and they are usually divided into basic, advanced and pro settings. Today, we are going to discuss how you can secure your network without having to go through much trouble.

The basic security settings

Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi
Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi

If you want a good and secure WI-FI connection then you have to know how to set up the basic security settings. You have to connect your PC with the router via a LAN cable and then you have to log in using the router’s IP address. There are a wide range of IP addresses that router’s use as their default gateway. Xfinity routers use as their default gateway, similarly Arris and linksys routers use and 192.168.l.254 as their respective default gateways.  If you’re having issues with this then you should consult the router’s manual which you can find on the internet.

  • The default credentials need to be changed

Default Usernames and passwords are not that safe as a lot of devices have the same username and password. If you don’t change this then you will become susceptible to hacking. The new credentials can be stored in a password manager.

  • Set up a wireless encryption

Setting up a password for you WI-FI is the most important thing and a weak password is just as bad as having no password at all. If you leave your network unprotected then you will be subjecting yourself to a lot of trouble. If you something which cannot be bypassed easily then go for WPA2 encrypted passwords.

  • Turning off the WI-FI protected setup

WPS is the easiest way you can set up an encrypted wireless connection. When you need to access the wireless network from a device, you just enter the number printed on the sticker of the router. This is an eight or four digit number. You can also push a button on the router and on your device to access the connection but the problem is that the WPS can be cracked with the proper tools which are easily available on the internet. This option is turned on by default and you need to turn this off if you don’t want your connection to be compromised. But many manufacturers do not provide this option which is quite bothersome.

  • The SSID name

SSID is used by your devices to recognize the networks which were previously accessed by your devices. If it has stored login data for a network, then it will try to pair your device with a network that matches the login data. The default SSID setting can be risky as you will be connected to a lot of strange networks. And if it discloses your router model then hackers will get know about the model’s network-based vulnerability.

  • Change the default comparative IP

As mentioned before, changing the default credentials is a must. It’s the easiest way to protect your network from hackers and changing the router’s IP will make it difficult for the people who might try to gain access to your network.

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Advanced security settings

Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi
Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi

This is something which is recommended for people who are living in a high-risk environment and for the people who think that they have mastered the basic settings and are ready to take it to the next level.

  • Make the switch to 5ghz band

The WI-FI’s reach will be limited once you start using the 5ghz band. It will reduce the chances of someone trying to hack into your network. Speed and network stability will be improved greatly and interference will also be reduced.

  • Router firewall

You have to enable this option if you want some extra protection. But do not solely rely on the router’s firewall because it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection.

The Professional router security settings

Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi
Everything You Need To Know About Configuration Of Your Wi-Fi

This is for those people who have mastered the basic and advanced settings and want some extra protection. And after you are done with this, your network will be nearly impossible to breach.

  • Changing the Domain Name Server

If you want to improve your internet security and speed then consider changing the default DNS. You can choose between Google Public DNS server or an Open DNS.

  • Alternative firmware installation

The installation of an additional firmware boosts the security level of your network. It comes with many add on features and it provides better security than the firmware which is provided by your router’s manufacturer. They are also less vulnerable.

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