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Looking into a new pair of glasses? Maybe you’ve heard about smart glasses and all the amazing features they bring to the table.

Of course, with all that tech, they have to be bulky, ugly, Google Glass-looking tech. Right?

Wrong. This article will ensure you find the lightest, most thoughtfully designed pair of smart glasses on the market. Let’s dive in.

Smart Glasses Features

Smart glasses plan to do to regular glasses what smartphones did to flip phones (though their smart-siblings are surging in popularity). That is, smart glasses promise immense utility beyond what one expects from traditional glasses.

First, there’s Bluetooth technology and connectivity. That means you’re able to sync your glasses to your phone, smartwatch, headphones, car, and more.

Why’s that important? Because smart glasses now include speakers at the end of the frames. Meaning you can listen to music even if you forgot your headphones.

These speakers are designed with open-ear playback that allows you to hear everything, crystal clear, even in a busy room, without the whole room hearing your conversation.

Included with these smart glasses is a noise-canceling mic, which ensures that whomever you’re speaking with doesn’t hear the distractions around you and can focus solely on what you’re saying.

The final touch (pun intended) is the two buttons on the frames of the cameras. These buttons allow you to adjust the volume for calls or music, switch tracks, and pause music. 

The Lightest Smart Glasses

You may be wondering how all this technology going to fit comfortably in a set of glasses. Glasses are already intentionally made with the bulk of their weight being behind the user’s eyes so that they don’t fall off the wearer’s face.

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Quite obviously, glasses’ primary function is to offer unobstructed visual clarity. Now, instead of that weight being entirely plastic, technology has gotten small enough that it can fit inside the glasses frames.

See here, one manufacturer, Lucyd, offers three pairs in their Titanium line weighing in from 1.1 oz up to 1.26 oz, between 30 and 36 grams. This makes them some of the lightest smart glasses ever. 

And as a result, they wear almost identical to any non-smart pair of glasses. 

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The Drawbacks?

What’s unfortunate about products like Smart Watches is that, when their batteries die, they can’t be used. And because they display so much more information than traditional watches, they need regular charging.

Smart glasses are similarly hindered by the need for a battery. Except, if the battery dies… You still have a pair of glasses. The lenses don’t blackout like a short-circuited TV.

And the Titanium glasses, mentioned above, have great battery life. They can last close to an entire week with irregular usage and allows for up to 8 hours straight of music or audio feedback before having to recharge.

And if you put them in their charging case when you go to bed, you’ll never have to worry about them not being ready to go.

Smart Glasses are the Future

If you’re looking for new glasses or even a pair of feature-rich sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with trying on a pair of new smart glasses. You’ll be impressed that the lightest glasses can offer so much technology packed into the frames.

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